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"[The Bach Flower Course] was a wonderful course and one I will be returning to for reference again and again. Like many of your other students, I found other Bach materials not easy to assimilate and your course really brought the flowers alive for me."

--Morris Berg, U.K.

Formerly a retail site, Beyond the Rainbow has reincarnated as a resource about vibrational healing, including flower essences, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meridian tapping, and more.

renew your life cover

Renew Your Life the Natural Way has been named a finalist
In the 2015 Indie Spiritual Book Awards.

The e-book costs $5.99 and is available at Amazon.
For a list of other retailers and for more information about the book, please see the product page.

To see the award listing, please go to the Indie Spiritual Book Awards site. The book is listed under "Alternative Medicine."

At Amazon for $7.00
Or Get the Kindle version for $1.99

Read more about this book and link to other e-versions of
Animals Have Feelings, Too:
Bach Flower Remedies for Cats and Dogs

animals have feelings

Too many cats and dogs have suffered from abuse, abandonment, and other issues that make them difficult adoptees--or easy returns. I wrote this book for all those who are committed to making good homes for such animals. The material is easy to understand and to apply. People all over the world have read the ebook version, and they and their animal companions have benefitted from it.

Read about the book Here. Read an excerpt Here.

Your website is the best I have found on everything I do in my life. I refer people to it all the time. You and your partner are truely inspiring!

--Linda Flowers, Reiki Master/Teacher, Bach Flower Practicitioner, Acupuncturist, Las Vegas, NV

"I have done A LOT of surfing, "New Age" and Metaphysical sites, and YOURS is the BEST!"
Helen Morris, Sebastopol, CA

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