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If you've called Beyond the Rainbow, you've probably spoken to me. In a business that involves so much email communication, it gives me special pleasure to have live conversations with you. Many of my conversations involve giving quick advice on essences or crystals. A phone consultation gives me the opportunity to get to know my client and be of greater service.

Since 1980, I've been studying methods for living a happier life. I studied Silva Mind Method and discovered an ability to identify the ailments of people I'd never met. I went further on the healing route by learning shiatsu massage. This training taught me much about the energy system of the body.

My interest in subtle energies deepened, and I became attracted to crystals. This fascination resulted in my opening a crystal store in New York City. I had unlimited opportunities for face-to-face conversations with customers, and I loved recommending crystals for them. I also enjoyed giving workshops on crystals.

When I discovered Bach Flower Remedies and other essence families, I saw how they could release long-standing energetic blockages. After studying them at length, I began to give consultations and enjoyed both the process and the results.

My ongoing interest in energy work drew me to Reiki. Over a period of several years, I took Reiki II and I and became a Reiki master. I've initiated hundreds of students into Reiki since 1992.

With the establishment of Beyond the Rainbow on the Internet, I expanded my practice with mail and email consultations. This has enabled me to counsel clients all over the world.

My Invitation to You

While you can learn a lot about crystals and essences on your own, sometimes it takes an outside observer to see what's stopping you in your life. I love fulfilling that role, and I'd love to do whatever I can to make your journey a more joyful one.

Order a Phone Consultation with Joyce

30 Minutes - $50

45 Minutes - $75

One Hour - $90

Order an Email Consultation with Joyce - $50

What Happens Next

If you order a phone consultation, I will contact you by email to set up a date and time.

If you order an email consultation, you can go here to copy the consultation form. Fill it out and email it here.

If you prefer to send the consultation form by regular mail, your answers must be typed. Please send the form, with either your credit card information or a check made out to Joyce Kaessinger, to:

Joyce Kaessinger
Beyond the Rainbow
PO Box 110
Ruby, NY 12475

Unless you specify otherwise, I will email you your consultation reply.

If you have any questions about our counseling, the questionnaire, how to mail it, how to pay for it, please let us know.

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