Twenty-Eight Ways to Create More Love in Your Life

By C. M. Barrett

Editor's Note: Back in November, 2001, Rainbow Reflections featured a collection of quotations about peace. Readers responded very positively, and I decided to assemble a collection of quotations about love for Valentine's Day. I wanted to create a companion piece for Living with Crystals and decided to come up with twenty-eight (or one for each day of February). As Living with Crystals usually goes out mid-month, I'm including the list in the January issue.

There's no particular order to these suggestions. You may want to choose them randomly. You might choose to do some more than once.

There may be some you wouldn't do if your life depended on it. Some people would tell you that doing the ones you don't want to do will advance you the furthest on the road to experiencing more love. That might be true, but not if the idea of doing them fills you with misery. Instead, work your love muscle by doing the ones that most appeal to you; then try the more challenging ones.

1. Hug five people today.

2. Tell at least one person you love her/him today.

3. Write or email someone you haven't been in touch with for years. Tell them something you've always remembered and liked about them.

4. Make up with someone with whom you are angry. Today. Not tomorrow. Note: Suggestions 6 and 8 may help you with this.

5. Look in the mirror today and say "I love you."

6. Choose someone with whom you're having difficulties and do the following:

a. Write down exactly what you feel about that person in the form of a letter. Burn this letter, imagining those feelings melting.

b. Write down exactly what you imagine that person might feel about you. Burn this letter, too, imagining those feelings melting.

7. To create the love relationship/partnership you want: Write down a list of exactly the characteristics you want in your ideal person. Program a crystal for the desired results and place it on top of the crystal. Read about programming

8. Put rose quartz around the picture of someone with whom you want to experience more love.

9. When you feel nothing is working, and love seems absent from your life, remind yourself of your past experiences with love. Remind yourself of all the times you've done loving things, spoken loving words, shared love. Remind yourself of all the times you've received love. Write down these experiences, and keep them as a reference for the next time love seems to have left your life. Create an affirmation that states exactly how you would like to feel about yourself.

10. Be kind to yourself today. When you focus your thoughts on what's negative you give energy and power to the problem instead of to your goal.

11. Forgive yourself today for not being as loving as you think you should be.

12. Read the Rainbow Reflections love quotations (Note: they will be available as of Feb. 1.) Choose one you really like, write it down, and read it at least three times today.

13. Take some time today to be in communication with the person who had the most to do with raising you. It doesn't matter whether the person is living or dead. Go into a state of meditation and thank this person for everything he or she did for you. If the person is living, you may want to follow up with a live thank you.

14. Conditions like depression, worry, grief, and the seeming inability to keep yourself from getting sucked into someone else's emotional vortex can prevent the expression of love. Choose your issue and do a related meditation from the Beyond the Rainbow Site. These include:






15. Go to the Rainbow Reflections index and find the heading: About Relationships. Beneath this heading you will find several articles described. Read the one that seems most relevant to you and see how it applies to your life.

16. Make a list of all the beings you love and who love you. For five of these beings, remember a special moment in your relationship with them and relive how good it made you feel.

17. Make a list of ten things you appreciate about your life. Look at it several times today.

18. If you've been wanting to have a dog or cat in your life, but haven't taken the steps to get one, do it today.

19. Meditate with or wear a pink stone with which you either have no familiarity or only slight familiarity. Pink stones include rose quartz, kunzite, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, morganite, and pink calcite.

20. Today, every time you get discouraged, feel unloved, feel depressed, anxious, or have any feeling that's less than one hundred percent happy, say to yourself, "I am the source of love."

21. Today, perform five acts of generosity. They may be all for one person or for more than one.

22. Make a list of your favorite love songs. Sing one of them. Then sing another.

23. Just for today, don't argue with anyone, no matter how provocative, stubborn, judgmental of you, or just plain wrong they are. Instead of arguing, tell them you'll think about what they've said. (You can always argue with them tomorrow.)

24. Wear something pink. Anything.

25. Do something loving for yourself.

26. Write down as many negative, limiting beliefs you have about love as you can discover (i.e., "Love never lasts." "I'll never have a lover.") Then burn the list, observing all safety precautions.

27. Think a loving thought about someone you would never, NEVER think a loving thought about. And mean it.

28. Email this list to at least five people.

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