Crystal Tune-up:
Charging Your Stones

To review: when you clear a crystal you are removing any unwanted vibrations.

When you charge a crystal, you're helping to activate and enhance its energy. There are several reasons to do this.

  1. Sometimes after you've cleared a crystal, especially one that you've been using for a lot of intense work, its energy may still seem a little dull or flat.
  2. A crystal that hasn't been worked with for a while may also feel this way.
  3. If you notice that a crystal has become cloudy you may want to both clear and activate it.
  4. If you want to program a crystal for a special purpose, before you program it, you may want to activate its energy for that purpose.

Charging Methods

  1. Place crystals in the reflected light of Austrian crystals, i.e., where the rainbows from these crystals fall. (Note: Austrian crystals are leaded glass, hence human-made crystals). The crystals can remain in place for as long as the Austrian crystals are reflecting sunlight.
  2. Place crystals on a large quartz cluster. Quartz amplifies the energy of any crystal with which it is in contact.
  3. You can also activate crystals with sound.

You can also activate crystals with positive thoughts. Hold them in your hands and visualize them bathed in light and love. You can also tell them (either silently or aloud) how much you appreciate them. They may not understand the words (and, then again, they may), but your intention will be clearly transmitted.

Reiki Charging

If you are a Reiki I practitioner you can charge your crystals with Reiki energy by holding them in your hands and activating this energy within you in whatever ways your Reiki Master may have taught you how to do this. One method is to say "Reiki on

If you are a Reiki II practitioner you can draw the symbols over your crystals.

Special-Purpose Activation

You may want to charge the land you live on with crystalline energy by burying crystals in the earth. (Be sure you note or write down where you buried them. A map would be a good idea.)

Some people like to program crystals and then bury them in their gardens to help in an abundant crop. If you'd like to charge your crystals in preparation for this, you may want to bury them in dried flowers. This will infuse them with the energy of growth and flourishing. (If you are using potpourri make sure that it isn't artificially scented.)

At any time of year (providing the ground isn't frozen) you can bury one near a tree. This could either be a tree that is your favorite, or one associated with a particular positive value.

Oaks symbolize strength, junipers protection from negativity, and pine trees in a number of cultures are associated with healing.

You can also get particular results when you place a crystal in sunlight. This is one of the most powerful ways to charge your crystal with active energy, i.e., energy that will help you to manifest what you want.

This is useful if you want to create an increase in some area of your life, such as increased vitality, income, and love. Put the crystal out in the sun, and then program it for your intention.

(Note: Don't leave any crystal outside for a prolonged period of time. Amethyst and rose quartz will fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. If it's very hot, a quartz crystal will absorb the heat and may crack.)

Seasonal Charging

Particular times in the solar cycle have special energies. Although I make some recommendations for particular crystals here, please allow your intuition to guide you in your choices.

The spring equinox relates to beginnings. This can be a time to begin new projects or to create new emotional openings. As green is the color of spring, you might want to either put some green crystals outside (if the temperature is well above freezing) or place them on a window ledge at this time.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. In agriculture, the first crops may be harvested at this time. In spiritual terms, it's a time to reflect on the seeds or new projects you planted during the spring equinox. It's also a time to feel the fullness of love and to appreciate relationships. Associated colors are red and pink, so you may want to charge your crystals of this color now.

The autumn equinox is associated with the second harvest and completion. It's a time for the full manifestation of one's dreams and projects. I associate it with orange and gold, so these are good crystals to charge at this time. You may want to work with particular focus on projects and dreams involving abundance. If you wish to experience more gratitude in your life, you may wish to charge crystals with this energy.

The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year and the beginning of a time for going within. Long months of winter stretch ahead, so this is also a time for faith that spring, the time of renewal will come again. This day also reminds us that all beings, including the earth itself, need a time of rest and replenishment. I like to charge clear crystals at this time and use them when I lose my way and forget that the light will return.

Crystals and the Moon

Below I describe the meaning of the phases of the moon. When you put your crystals outside or on a window ledge, they will become charged with that particular energy.

New Moon: In many ways this is analogous to the spring equinox. It signifies a time of new beginnings, of designing the path of your inner journey. Charge your crystals for new ways of seeing things, inspiration, and initiative.

Crescent Moon: Your dream or vision is now beginning its journey. At this point fears, resistance, and old patterns of being may begin to emerge. You may want to charge crystals related to releasing fears, such as charoite, or crystals related to confidence, such as citrine and topaz.

First Quarter Moon: This phase of the moon is related to action. If you find yourself in a state of inertia, charge one of the red crystals: ruby, carnelian, or garnet.

Gibbous Moon: Your vision gathers force at this time. As it becomes more manifest, this can be a good time to make adjustments so that it more fully matches your original dream. However, you are more likely to realize what you want if you can do this without judgment. It's a time for patience and to recognize that no manifestation can be evaluated until it's complete. It can be helpful to charge rhodonite or tiger's eye, two crystals for patience.

Full Moon: This represents the fullness of the vision realized. If you have imposed limitations on its development, you may feel conflicted. This can, then, be a good time to charge crystals that represent balance. Sodalite is one of the best. You may also choose a pair of stones of opposite colors: clear quartz and black tourmaline, ruby and green calcite, citrine and amethyst.

Disseminating Moon: This is analogous to autumn, a time of harvest. As it can also be a time of sharing, you may wish to share what you've learned on your journey. It's also a time of evaluation during which you can discover what did and didn't work during your journey.

Last Quarter Moon: Now that you've harvested and "digested" your manifestation, it's time for it to return to the earth and become food for your next creation. During this time you may again wish to dissolve all that which is no longer useful to you. I most strongly recommend clear quartz for this part of the journey.

Balsamic Moon: In many ways, this corresponds to the Winter Solstice. It's a time for reflection and to go inward, a time to reach for the wisdom of your intuition. During this time I like to charge one of the dark crystals that are paradoxically filled with light. Labradorite, with its electric flashes, and tiger's eye, are two of my favorites.

Crystals and Pyramids

I'm speaking now of hollow pyramids, which are made of tubes composed of various metals, usually copper and sometimes pure gold.

Years ago I put a pyramid on the floor one night. The next morning I discovered that my cat, Binx, had put inside a catnip mouse and a feather. This sight dissolved any doubts I might have had about the power of pyramids.

Pyramids are believed to generate negative ions and to have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field (or aura) of the body. They can be used to charge crystals. Quartz crystals are most recommended for this, as they may hold the charge for several weeks. However, I've charged other crystals with good results.

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