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The Peace Crystal

In my experience, chrysocolla is one of the gentlest of stones. It's not a high-energy stone like quartz, rutilated quartz, or smoky quartz, and, unlike obsidian, malachite, and lapis, it doesn't bring buried emotions to the surface. Its role is to soothe and calm.

Its color alone is soothing, a deep blue-green that might remind one of a secluded mountain meadow or the bottom of the sea. It is primarily a fifth (throat) chakra stone, but it can also be used for the heart or solar plexus.

As a solar plexus stone, it helps to ease fear, anxiety, and guilt. In a chakra balancing layout it can be effectively combined with rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite helps to relax the diaphragm so that full, deep breathing is possible; then chrysocolla helps to release the emotions that accumulate in the solar plexus.

As a heart stone, it is somewhat comparable to rose quartz; however, I have found that it releases emotions far more gently.

As a throat stone, it is believed to stimulate not only creativity, but confidence in creative expression by calming and releasing fear.

Because of its soothing qualities, chrysocolla is considered by some crystal practitioners to be a feminine lunar stone, with the energies of those goddesses, such as Kwan Yin, who are viewed as comforters. It helps to draw out the characteristics associated with nurturing goddess figures: patience, compassion, forgiveness and tolerance (both for others and for oneself).

Some people have said that chrysocolla looks like the earth as seen from space. In combination with its Goddess-like qualities, this makes it a natural stone to use in meditating for world peace. Hold this special piece of the earth in your hand, and visualize the peace and calm that emanate from it spreading until they circle the globe.

So may it be.

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