Getting Clear:
Clearing Your Crystals, Part I

Crystals are basically low-maintenance companions that ask only for attention and to be cleaned and cleared from time to time.

Some people use the words clearing and cleansing interchangeably. For me, there's a different. Cleansing here means removing dust, dirt, grease, or any other material that has gotten onto your crystal. You can do this in several ways.

If you clean your crystals regularly, you won't have a lot of buildup of alien matter. You can do this by either placing it under running water (be sure to have a sink stopper in place) or by dipping it in water and drying it with a soft cloth. I've found that even the softer crystals, such as azurite or malachite, can be safely washed with this method.

When it comes to a longer immersion, opinions vary. I've never had any problem keeping my crystals in water for twenty-four hours or more. In fact, as I write this, I've just brought my crystals outside from an overnight bath.

However, I'm not making a recommendation that you do so. Use your own judgment.

Inner Dust

Clearing crystals doesn't remove outer dust. The intention of clearing is to remove inner, psychic debris.

Crystals are used in the technical world because they record and store information. When we translate this role into spiritual terms we say that crystals take in and store the vibrations that surround them.

We want them to do this because it enables us to program them to store the vibrations of our desires and dreams and to attract the energy that will materialize them. Crystals, however, don't discriminate between "good" and "bad" vibrations. They collect whatever's in the vicinity.

When to Clear a Crystal

When you first receive crystals, you want to make them yours by erasing or clearing from them the vibrations of all those who have handled them. You do this, not because these other vibrations are bad, but because your crystals, in order to respond to your needs and wishes, must be attuned to your vibrations.

Sometimes you need to rescue your crystals from your vibrations, too, especially in the following circumstances.

Even if you haven't been working with crystals, your thoughts can have an effect them. If you've been sitting at your computer and worrying about how to pay the bills over a period of time, the crystals on your desk may absorb this negative energy. Notice whether they've become cloudy or dull. If they have, clear them without delay.

The Effect of Others

One question my customers have asked since 1987 is, "Should I clear my crystal if someone touches it?"

If you've programmed the crystal, the answer is yes, because new vibrations have been introduced into its energy field. (I find it best to leave these crystals in a place where they're not likely to attract attention.) If it's a crystal that's on your desk, though, or sitting on a table minding its own business, clearing is optional.

If you don't like the energy of the person who's picked up your crystal, such as a repairperson who's in your house for professional reasons, clear the crystal. (This might also be a case for washing, depending on what the repairperson was doing.)

Some people would say you should automatically mistrust the energy of anyone would pick up a crystal without asking. Many of the people who pass through your house, though, aren't metaphysically oriented, and they haven't heard that crystals absorb vibrations. They thought it looked nice, and they wanted to touch it.

However, if you feel the least bit uneasy about your crystal, clear it.

The same rule applies to jewelry. Some perfectly nice friends of mine have grabbed crystal pendants I was wearing, saying, "That's so beautiful." I didn't feel that I had to run home and clear the pendant.

For some people, though, grabbing someone's pendant is a way of invading their face. In other words, these folks have boundary issues. Clear the pendant. (There are special guidelines for doing this. I'll list them later.)

Crystal Baths

I've talked about the water issue. Now I need to talk about salt, because you may have already read that itŐs a good medium for clearing crystals. I used to do it all the time without any negative results (except for the already-mentioned azurite and rough malachite). It does present some problems, though.

I don't recommend burying your crystals in salt of any kind as it can scratch the surfaces. If you want to use salt, sea salt is preferable, since commercial salt often has iodine or other substances added to it. If you use salt water, you'll need to wash the crystals afterwards, since salt will leave a film on the crystals. Afterwards, if the weather is mild, put the crystals out to dry in the sun.

Please see articles about charging and programming crystals under "Guides to Working with Crystals."


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