The Clear Crystals:
Harmony and Understanding

Clear crystals are our direct connection to spirit. They help us to understand our relationship to the universe, that we are both unique and part of the whole. They teach us there is no need to compare ourselves to others, to ever feel alone, to ever feel that there isn't enough or that our problems are bigger than our ability to solve them.

All of the clear stones relate to the seventh (crown) chakra. This chakra represents our relationship to spirit and our appreciation of ourselves as spiritual beings who have chosen to be in physical form for particular purposes.

Some of us get serious and solemn about our purposes and concerned about getting them right. The clear stones help us to lighten up and realize we have chosen to be here in order to enjoy the dance of spirit in flesh. They assist us in releasing emotional and mental density. When we interact with their light, we permit even more light to fill us.

Light and Dark

Although this article is about clear crystals, I would like to note that those who experience a special pull towards clear crystals often need the balancing and grounding effects of the dark stones (hematite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, etc.) The first and seventh chakras have a particularly strong connection to each other. When both are balanced, we don't see either the material or spiritual world as better than the other. We recognize the physical world as the manifestation of spiritual energy and rejoice in our own physical/spiritual existence.

More often, though, we view spirit and matter as opposites. Some people resist the world of spirit through disregard or disbelief. They orient themselves towards facts and reason. Others feel imprisoned by physical existence and long for the world of pure spirit.

Neither of these approaches make for happy and fulfilled lifetimes. Those who resist the material world fail to see that spirit created it and thus deny themselves the full expression of their spiritual natures. People who resist spirit turn their backs on the opportunity to fully realize an essential part of who they are.

You may therefore find it useful to also read the article on the dark stones and the first chakra.

Danburite: Blending Heart and Soul

When we experience ourselves as beings inside bodies with the ability to surprise and betray us, when we feel ourselves as victims of emotional flooding and minds that won't stop worrying, we may feel like prisoners of physical existence. If we review the sadness and heartbreak of our lives, we may feel it's time for a jail break.


The idea that everything in our lives has occurred for a reason can seem like the most cruel notion possible. Even if we accept this idea in principle, it may feel impossible to accept it when a disaster is unfolding. On the other hand, the more we focus on what a disaster our current crisis is, the more terrible it feels and the less able are we to resolve it.

I have found danburite essential for helping to pull me out of emergency mode by helping me to be able to witness what happens in my life from a soul perspective. While holding (sometimes clutching) this crystal, I have the possibility of feeling calm and serene even when life is very difficult.

This crystal activates the third eye and crown chakras, and can also blend the energies of the heart chakras with those of the third eye and crown by helping to release emotional pain through the light of understanding.

In this way, danburite helps us to view our lives from the viewpoint of spirit, a perspective from which everything happening in our lives is an opportunity to grow. When we don't resist what happens in life, we cease to give events negative energy. This diminishes their charge and makes energy and intention available to create the lives we would love to have.

Selenite: Inner Truth

Selenite can be particularly effective in helping to blend the energies of body and spirit because it comes in two forms: as a clear crystal with both clarity and a lovely, shimmery quality, and in an opaque, tan-colored form called a rosette.

Clear selenite helps us to consciously understand our own deepest inner truth. This truth is for each of us the particular reason we have chosen to be in physical existence. It's our soul purpose.


The more connected we are to our individual soul purpose, the more we understand why we are here in our bodies to explore physical existence. This understanding gives purpose and focus to our decisions, as we choose the directions most appropriate to our special Earth missions. With a sense of purpose, we also find the experiences of physical existence enjoyable.

On a specific level, selenite, when used for meditation, can help to clear up mental confusion. For this purpose it should be placed either on the forehead or crown (top of the head).

Selenite rosettes are named for their resemblance to roses. Each rosette appears to have many petals. I have a beautiful cluster of five selenite rosettes which resembles a seated goddess in meditation.

The rose represents the highest form of love (just as rose oil has been measured to have the highest vibration.) Selenite rosettes ground this energy. If you meditate with a clear selenite blade on the crown, you may also want to place a selenite rosette at your feet. This will help to ground your soul connection through the medium of the energy of love.

Clear Calcite

Clear calcite gives us another way to access spiritual dimensions. Its' natural form is the three-dimensional parallelogram called a rhomboid. A rhomboid has six parallel planes (visualize this as top, bottom, side, side, end, end) all connected to each other).

This formation represents the interconnection and interaction of parallel planes of reality. Gazing at a calcite rhomboid is a powerful way to see the interconnection of spirit and matter, past, present and future. Clear calcite reminds us that spirit is always present in matter, and that we can always draw on that energy.

clear calcite sphere

When we recognize that we can infuse spiritual understanding into physical reality, we have access to an expanded awareness of the challenges we face, especially the challenges we've more or less given up on, the patterns of thought and behavior which are so seamless that we don't know how to unravel them.

The key factor in this kind of investigation is to be open to any insights which may come to you, even if at first they make no sense. Remember that conventional reasoning has gotten you nowhere with your particular situation. Understand that you're opening yourself to a different way of viewing it and allow spirit to illuminate physical reality.

Apophyllite: Soul Stone

When we first come into physical existence, our spirits are untarnished by fear, self-doubt, and our purposes for being on earth are crystal clear. Too often, we become disconnected from our soul essence and sink into earthly living as if it were quicksand.

In meditating with apophyllite, I have experienced the energy of this crystal as symbolic of the newly-born soul, sparkling with innocence and purity. I find it a powerful stone for returning us to our own inner clarity.


It accomplishes this in part by blending the energies of body and soul, helping us to experience the spiritual dimensions of being physical. It can specifically assist us in removing some of the barriers to this blending, such as limiting beliefs, especially the belief that spirit and body are incompatible.

It can also contribute towards relieving emotional barriers to the union of soul and body, helping to reduce anxiety, worry, and fear.

Clear apophyllite (it also comes in green) often forms as a natural pyramid. In this form it helps to draw down spiritual energy and can be placed on the forehead or crown for this purpose.

Clear Quartz: Mirror of the Soul

In general, clear quartz is the foundation for any collection of crystals. Because it contains the full spectrum of colors, you can use it for healing, empowerment, programming for goals, chakra balancing, meditation, and more.

quartz cluster

Clear quartz comes in so many shapes that I've written a separate article about its various forms. For purposes of this article, I will focus on quartz clusters, whose shape reminds about the nature of oneness.

The multi-colorful nature of clear quartz helps us to experience all aspects of what it means to be spiritual/human beings. It acts as a mirror which shows us the possibility of who we can be when we embrace the light within us.

When we recognize the miracle of the complex and lovely structure of a cluster, we can appreciate the presence of a universal intelligence which has designed a world meant to be harmonious. Looking more closely, we notice individual points, some tiny and fragile, others crystal skyscrapers, all essential aspects of the beautiful design.

So each of us are necessary to the design and pattern of the universe. Our individual radiance both reflects on other shining souls and bathes in their reflection. When we experience ourselves as interconnected, our limited ego concerns fall away. We stop trying to look perfect and realize we are.

Related Essences

Eagle (Wild Earth Animal Essences) When we feel bogged down in earthly matters, Eagle's soaring energy helps us to see our situations with a more spiritual perspective. This energy also enables us to connect with the wisdom of our souls and divine guidance.

Sage (FES) relates to danburite. It helps us, instead of being victimized by the events of our life, see their higher purpose and learn their lessons

St. John's Wort (FES) is a generally protective essence which helps in spiritual growth. It protects those afraid to experience expanded spiritual and psychic consciousness; helps one experience divine guidance and one's own inner light.

Star Tulip (FES) is generally recommended for those who feel cut off from their spiritual essence, unable to meditate or pray. It restores receptivity to one's inner voice and to spiritual realms.

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