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We get many emails asking us what the best crystals are for an office situation. The volume of messages tells us this subject interests a lot of people. Since we believe the power of crystals as transmitters of harmony and improved communication, we're all for their enrollment as office workers.

The ideal crystal choices do depend on the kind of office in which they'll be leaving.

Business Office (When It's Not Yours)

Only you can gauge the level of conservatism in the office where you work. In a very conservative setting, a healing grid might not be a hit. It's your call as to how obvious you can be in displaying your crystals. Here are some suggestions for creating a low-key crystalline environment.

Paperweights provide a fine opportunity to have a large crystal on your desk. You might want to choose an extra-large tumbled stone. You could also select a quartz or amethyst cluster or a large piece of rough rose quartz. A large citrine crystal might help to draw abundance to you.

A Basket of Stones (1). This could appear to be for decorative purposes, but you'll be able to reach in for the crystal you need at any given moment. Choose the ones suitable for your particular job description. If you need to communicate a lot, either verbally or in written form, a large selection of the light blue and blue-green stones will help.

Amazonite helps when you need the courage to say what needs to be said, like about the raise you know you deserve.

Blue lace agate is a helpful companion to amazonite. You want to say it, but you don't want to blast out the windows. This stone facilitates the peaceful release of long held-in emotions.

Aqua Aura facilitates self-expression through service to others. If you work for a charity or a service organization, this stone may be especially valuable, but it will help anyone who sees their work as service.

Turquoise is excellent when you want to enroll others in a project. It helps to stimulate enthusiasm and clarity in your communication.

I don't recommend programming these basket crystals. People can rarely resist picking up attractive stones, and you don't want to have to be guarding them.

A Basket of Stones (2). You can keep a collection of inexpensive crystals handy and give them to people. Rose quartz, hematite, tiger's eye, and citrine have special appeal for people, and giving them away is a nice method for spreading crystal energy through your office.

Your Business Office

Here you're more likely to have a free rein. Think about the main functions of your office. In addition to considering your private space, is there a room where you have meetings with employees? Do you meet with prospective customers or clients in your office or another space?

For your private work, you may want to look below at the suggestions given for a home office. In addition, for meetings and conferences, you may want to consider the following ideas:

A large clear quartz cluster is a visual and energetic enhancement for any office. I would recommend programming it before any major meeting.

If, for example, you need to resolve employee problems or issues, you might want to program your cluster for clear communication and a harmonious result. Before a meeting with a prospective client, you could program the cluster for mutual and cooperative prosperity.

One of the celebrity visitors to my store in New York City once stopped by before a business meeting. He explained that he needed a large crystal to focus people's energies on the tasks at hand. Since his intuition about choosing stones was excellent, I chose not to make suggestions.

He ended up with a beautiful pyrite cluster. Since pyrite helps to stimulate new ideas, I felt he'd made another appropriate choice. He came back another day to tell me how well the meeting had gone.

Fluorite, another stone in the mental trinity (the third is calcite) is known as the genius stone. It can also awaken and enhance creativity. It comes in a number of interesting shapes, from spheres to octahedrons. A 2 or 3-inch fluorite sphere can help to generate new ideas for your business. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and ask for creativity to flow.

To enhance the atmosphere of tranquility, I usually recommend amethyst in your preferred form: clusters, spheres, etc.

An egg of any kind is very soothing to hold. In general, eggs symbolize the first stage for the realization of our goals and dreams.

In terms of your business, rhodonite would help for those moments when you need patience. Tiger's eye also relates to patience, but more the kind needed when you're waiting for a sense of the right time to take action.

A sodalite egg can help to balance the rational and intuitive sides of your brain for better decision-making; while obsidian may awaken the birth of new insights.

You may also want to adorn your office with statues: Buddha, Kwan Yin, or any symbol that has special meaning for you.

A Healing Space

While my comments below are particularly directed to those who practice massage, Reiki, or other hands-on forms of healing, they can be applied to any alternative practitioner.

For a room where you practice massage, Reiki, or counseling, you and your clients will enjoy the energy of crystals. In this environment, calming stones are most appropriate. These might include amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine, blue topaz, and sodalite. In general the blue-green, blue, and violet stones are most helpful, but you could also consider rose quartz for emotional healing and citrine for self-esteem.

You can also keep a basket of stones for clients. Either let them make intuitive choices or use your intuition to make selections. Be sure to clear any stones used in the course of a session.

Many practitioners like to put crystal grids beneath their massage tables. The article on crystals and Reiki at has information that can be applied to massage and other forms of body work. A Final Note: Ground Them

Some people, after lying down for an hour or so, find themselves a little lightheaded when they get up. Others find that the release of energy blockages creates the same temporary effect. You may wish to have a selection of grounding stones: hematite, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, onyx, or black obsidian nearby. Of these, I find hematite to be the most popular and useful.

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