Feng Shui and Crystals

For several years I've been an informal student of of the ancient Chinese system for the harmonious flow of energy called Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway, and literally meaning "winds and waters").

In our altar section there's an article on feng shui which generally describes how it works and lists a variety of objects which are suitable for different areas. This article, although it includes some of that information, is devoted to placement of crystals.

Feng Shui and Energy

Feng Shui teaches the appropriate placement of objects in particular areas related to significant aspects of our lives in order to bring these aspects into balance. Crystals, because of their powerful energy, are among the most important of the objects used in Feng Shui.

This is a natural system for lovers of crystals. When we work with the energy of stones we realize that everything is made up of energy. We find ourselves noticing when the energy in an office or home seems to be flowing freely and when it feels blocked. We may recognize that particular parts of a house or room feel as if the energy is blocked. We learn to know when to smudge a room or clear our crystals in order to clear up energy blockages.

With Feng Shui we learn how to use crystals in systematic ways to create specific changes.

The Houses

In Feng Shui space (which could be a room, a house, a plot of land, or your desk surface) is divided into what are called houses. Each house represents an area of life.

The chart below has some visual challenges, so I ask you to use your imagination. Visualize that from the number 5, in the center of the chart, diagonal lines extend to divide the space into eight wedges.

The 8 1 6 row represents the front of a space. If it is a house or room this area is where the door or entrance most used will be.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The space is not necessarily square in shape; it can also be rectangular.

Before I begin describing the houses I'd like to note that the suggested placements for crystals aren't intended to be definitive. You may feel an intuitive to put a a crystal in a particular house, even if it doesn't follow the recommendations. Please do; this is part of intuitive Feng Shui

1. Water (The Journey). Although in practical terms this house is related to career it encompasses much more, for it represents the freedom to make clear choices of direction in your life and for your journey towards your goals to be one of ease and flow.

If your life feels like a struggle (i.e., you seem to be moving against the current) adjustments to this house are probably needed.

All blue-green crystals are appropriate here, including chrysocolla, turquoise, and aquamarine. Since this house can also relate to change in direction, a tabular crystal, representing a bridge from where you are to where you want to be, is a good choice. Green calcite, which relates to the relaxation of rigid beliefs, is also ideal for the promotion of flow.

2. Earth (Relationships/Receptivity) This area symbolizes all relationships: business, romantic, teacher/student. In its deepest sense it signifies receptivity, which to me means unconditional appreciation of others.

If you feel isolated from others, are having difficulty in an important relationship, or having no success in finding the love relationship you want pay attention to this area.

Crystal hearts, especially a pair of them, are especially appropriate here. Rose quartz would be my first choice, but any of the crystals relating to communication (aqua aura, chrysocolla, blue lace agate) would also be helpful. A crystal dolphin, as a symbol of communication, is appropriate, as are crystal turtles (to symbolize Mother Earth) and wolves (which mate for life).

3. Thunder (Ancestors) As thunder precedes rain, so parents, teachers, bosses, and other authority figures in a sense precede us and deserve our respect. Often forgiveness must precede respect.

If you have issues with the past or with authority figures this area may need some rearrangement. Appropriate stones include sugilite (for the release of resentment and anger), rose quartz (for forgiveness), and obsidian (to get to the heart of the issues). Smoky quartz can help to release negativity and congested energy, as can rutilated quartz. Whales symbolize ancient, ancestral wisdom, and a crystal whale is well placed here.

4. Wind (Fortunate Blessings). Wind blows new energies into our lives, which can help to sweep aside limited ways of thinking and being. Although prosperity is often a traditional focus in this area, it may also stand for professional acknowledgment, health, and other blessings.

If you feel unfortunate in any of the above areas places these stones in Wind: citrine, emerald, and pyrite for prosperity, aventurine for health, and rhodonite if you are impatient for improvement. Honey calcite can help to draw in blessings in terms of one's profession or career. As frogs symbolize healing, a crystal frog can be helpful here.

5. T'ai Chi. This area symbolizes the center and the reconciliation of all disharmony. It's very important to keep this area uncluttered. This is the ideal location for clear quartz, especially a sphere or cluster.

6. Heaven (Helpful Friends). Heaven represents the spiritual energy which creates matter. If you look at the chart you'll notice that it is opposite Wind (Fortunate Blessings). There's a special relationship between these two houses. Spiritual energy is a blessing, or gift, and this area relates to the gifts of kindness and assistance we both receive and give.

If you find that friends usually disappoint or feel that it's difficult for you to give to others, or are generally discouraged about the humanity of humankind work on this area.

Since crystals are images of light (spirit), and since we use them to help create what we desire in the material world, they are especially important to this area. Although any crystal is appropriate here, my preference is for especially translucent ones, such as quartz crystals, or any especially clear stone. If you have a crystal image of a favorite power animal, or spirit helper, this is a good place for it. The eagle, as a bird which bridges heaven and earth, is also a good symbol.

7. Lake (Creativity) True creativity comes from the depths of our being, a source as invisible as the bottom of a lake. This area also relates to children both in the sense of their being our creations, and in terms of the playful, creative spirit of a child.

If your creativity needs some enhancement make some additions to this area. Malachite, green tourmaline, and carnelian enhance creativity, and all blue and blue-green stones, such as chrysocolla, turquoise, and aquamarine are helpful here.

8. Mountain (Contemplation). This area symbolizes our connection with our personal expressions of spirituality, especially our ability to withdraw from the world and gain strength from our inner spirit. If you have trouble meditating or letting the ordinary cares of the world drift away this is an area to work on.

Stones which are particularly helpful for promoting peacefulness and meditation are good for this area. These include amethyst, and aragonite. Cats, being especially meditative animals, and bears, which symbolize going within, are appropriate crystal animals for this area.

9. Fire (Illumination) This area represents true self-esteem, as an energy which comes from within. If you feel lacking in self-esteem or unfulfilled pay attention to this area.

Any stone with fiery energy, such as carnelian, ruby, or garnet, belongs in this area. Smoky quartz and citrine, for self-esteem, are also helpful.

Rainbow Reflectors
For All Houses

Austrian crystal, which is human-made carved and faceted pieces of leaded glass, can be placed in any house. Avoid, however, any pieces with very sharp angles. In Feng Shui this is called cutting chi, and is not a harmonious conductor of energy.

As quartz clusters are generally excellent for releasing energy blockages and congestion, they are appropriate in all houses.

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