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Crystal Courage

amazonite sphere

Amazonite, a beautiful deep blue-green stone, often with white streaks, is a crystal about which little has been written.

In general, it is believe to have a soothing effect on the brain and nervous system, and helps one to analyze and sort out information and combine this process with intuitive wisdom. This combination of functions of the left and right sides of the left and right sides of the brain assists in effective communication.

I have found this to be a useful description of amazonite's characteristics, but when I was first working with it felt that there was more to this crystal. When I shared my bafflement with a friend who was both highly psychic and a long-time lover of crystals, he suddenly looked up and said, "Courage."

I immediately thought of the Amazons, those legendary women warriors and priestesses of the moon goddess, and felt the truth of that word. Since that day I have worked with amazonite on and for those occasions when I needed the courage to say something difficult, and it has been a wonderful helper.

If you have a challenging situation to face or a long-overdue speaking of your truth, a difficult request to make, a public-speaking engagement, amazonite is, in my experience, one of the most beneficial stones to wear or carry.

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