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Aragonite is one of the less well-known stones of the mineral family; many popular books on crystals don't mention it at all. Like all crystals, however, it has its own special gift for the family of humans.

This honey-colored stone (it looks almost like dark citrine) has a calming and stabilizing effect. This makes it very useful when one is going through emotional turmoil, such as anger and stress. It is believed to encourage patience, and is especially helpful when one feels overwhelmed with responsibility.

If you are in any of the above emotional states hold an aragonite and gaze at it. As honey soothes sore and scratchy throats so aragonite can soothe frayed nerves.

As an aspect of its ability to help calm us it is also considered to be an excellent stone for encouraging a meditative state. Again, holding it can be very helpful. If you want to use it in a crystal layout the traditional place for it would be in the navel area. I have also placed it on the third eye with good results.

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