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Aventurine: The Comfort Stone


For primarily legal reasons I don't go out of my way to advocate the use of stones for physical healing. I do, however, use crystals for this purpose, and I have found particular stones to be of special benefit. One of the most helpful has been green aventurine.

In my earliest days of crystal self-healing I was prone to severe bouts of sciatica. I found that by taping several aventurine crystals on the lower back area before going to bed (hearts are perfect for this purpose) I woke up feeling much better, and my chiropractor, who knew that I used crystals for sciatica, commented once that my posture had improved three hundred percent since I'd initially limped into her office.

(Any crystal can be taped to the body. If you like this idea do be sure to buy the special tape with pulls off the skin without causing suffering.)

Aventurine is often referred to as the all-purpose healer. This means not only that it is considered by many to be good for physical disorders, but that it is healing on all levels. Green is the color of healing, and aventurine, as a member of the quartz family, has a concentrated ability to dissolve blockages.

It's a particularly effective crystal for emotional healing (and is especially helpful when worn for this purpose or placed on the heart center during chakra balancing). It helps to balance the emotions, and is one of the best stones to wear or carry during stressful periods. It can also be used in crystal layouts when stress is internalized in the solar plexus area.

It is also used with stones which have a seemingly more harsh energy. Malachite, for example, tends to surface but not dissolve emotional blockages. If aventurine is used in conjunction with malachite (especially in the solar plexus area) emotional blockages can be more effectively released and dissolved.

I do hope that you don't find quite as many uses for it as I did in the past, but I'm sure that once you've begun to work with aventurine, you'll be very glad that it's a member of your crystal collection.

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