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The Stone of Courage

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Some crystals have a quiet beauty and power. They may be overlooked in favor of more spectacular stones. Sodalite is one of these; bloodstone is another.

This stone is a rich dark green chalcedony with spots and patterns of red jasper. (Both chalcedony and jasper are forms of quartz.)

Physical Properties

I don't usually write about physical healing in connection with crystals—and what I am about to write is in no way of claim of effectiveness. It's hard, however, to describe bloodstone without at least briefly mentioning its reputed healing properties, as they are so much a part of all written material about this crystal.

This stone is believed to help direct the healing vibrations of green into the blood stream and to strengthen the kidneys, liver, and spleen, the blood purifying organs. It is said to accomplish this either by being worn, placed on a cleansing organ, or by being taken as a gem elixir.

Metaphysical Properties

The contrast between green and red is visually appealing, and since these colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, we can look at bloodstone as a crystal that can help to integrate and blend opposites.

By assisting us in reducing conflict, it helps to free much emotional energy that is otherwise tied up in tension and uncertainty. Thus, it helps to reduce physical and mental stress and assists in renewing the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Because one's energy becomes free to explore the unknown and take on new challenges, bloodstone is also called "The Stone of Courage." For this reason, it is also considered helpful to those who are in business or self employed.

Spiritually, it is also believed to help remove obstacles from one's path, and restore love and integrity to relationships. Perhaps because of the grounding effects of red jasper, it is also thought to be a "be here now" stone, focusing us on the immeasurable powers and gifts of the present moment.

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