Blue Topaz:
from the Heart

blue topaz

In its natural state blue topaz is a light green-blue (more blue than aquamarine). I emphasize this because you may have seen blue topaz, especially in jewelry, which is a bright blue. These stones are artificially irradiated, and crystal healers generally prefer not to work with them. We do not knowingly sell irradiated crystals, and our blue topaz is in its natural state.

One of the general qualities of all topaz is the ability to help to balance energy so that one is neither stressed nor depressed. In meditating with topaz regularly it's possible to feel both calm and energized.

Because of this quality topaz is considered to be one of the crystals most valuable in terms of helping one to avoid procrastination (no, I don't have enough energy to do that) and to take wise (i.e., not thoughtless or compulsive) action.

Blue topaz has the particular quality of helping us to release blockages related to the connection between the heart and throat centers. Combining the energies of water and fire, it enables us to communicate powerfully what we are feeling and to speak, without fear, what we know in our hearts to be true.

This crystal can also enable balance between the throat and third eye centers, allowing us to both understand and speak our spiritual understanding to others.

It is considered to be especially valuable for artists. From my point of view, we are all the creators of our lives as works of art and beauty. Thus, blue topaz can help us all to enhance the quality of our journeys through physical existence.

In meditation it can be placed on the heart, throat, or third-eye centers. I find it especially valuable to place rose quartz or kunzite on the heart chakra and blue topaz on the throat with a herkimer diamond in between. This accelerates the release of blocked energies.

Blue topaz is one of my favorite stones, both to wear and for meditation purposes. I invite you to discover the creative qualities of this special crystal.

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