The apple green hue of chrysoprase is one of the most cheering colors of the stone kingdom, and one of the qualities of this stone is that of emotional uplifting.

Its energies relate most directly to the solar plexus (whose colors are yellow and yellow-green). When placed there during meditation and/or chakra balancing it helps to release emotional tension and stress which has lodged in the physical being.

Green is also the color of abundance, whether in a material sense or in terms of healing. Traditionally chrysoprase is believed to attract abundance and to help in success in new ventures. As another example of the widespread applications of the word, "abundance," this stone is also considered useful in attracting new friends.

Its role in physical healing is to help the being to accept healing energies. In other words, it can help to create the space in which crystals more specifically related to healing can be used.

It also can play a major role in the healing of the split between body and spirit, and again this has a quality of preparation, in this case preparing the mental/emotional/physical being to incorporate and ground spiritual energies so that spirit and matter can literally become one.

Many spiritually-oriented people believe that increased spiritual energies are now becoming available to us. Chrysoprase is a stone which can help us to peacefully absorb these energies, and to make transformation a natural part of our daily lives.

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