The Stone for Patience


I'm sitting by my computer, holding the telephone receiver, and listening to the background music of the Apple Computer Help line (do they ever change it?) Every few seconds a recorded voice assures me that my call is important, and that someone will be on the line in just a few minutes-- lie if ever I heard one.

Don't misunderstand; I love my Macintosh, and the service I get from Apple technicians is almost worth waiting for. I've waited longer on line at the average public ladies' room, or the bank, or at the supermarket while someone fishes out sixty-five pennies for the exact change, or the cashier suddenly goes on break or runs out of singles, or even waiting for someone to get to the point of a long story with more detours than a labyrinth.

Episodes such as the above teach me why patience is considered a virtue. It is one I often lack, and it's why rhodonite is one of my most treasured stones.

What's Love Got to Do With It?

It's a singularly beautiful stone, pink with black streaks. The color of every stone has spiritual significance, and for me the pink represents the heart and the experience of love, while the black grounds love. If you've ever been impatient you will have noticed that feelings of love aren't high in your emotional repertoire. Rhodonite restores the balance.

This is one of the best stones to keep around at all times. I recommend carrying one wherever you go; you never know when you'll be standing in a line or waiting for a show to begin or the dinner which is taking so long to arrive that the cook must be gathering the ingredients in some distant field.

Keep it by your telephone, too. It takes up very little space, and may prevent wear and tear on your nervous system.

Rhodonite and Aries

Everything I've said above goes double, perhaps triple, for Aries folks. You would do well to have rhodonite in every room in your house, not to mention your car. (Oh, those traffic jams.)

Aries people have many virtues, including the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently and inexhaustible energy. These assets, however, turn into liabilities when they are involved on a work or personal level with people who don't operate as quickly as they do.

When you're teaching someone who doesn't understand a perfectly simple thing, or your partner begins to collapse after a nonstop day of sightseeing, hold that rhodonite, Aries.

See also our description of the Bach Flower Remedy, Impatiens, which relates to Aries.

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