Lovely As A Ruby


(Please note that garnet can also be green, yellow, or violet)

Before 1800 garnets and rubies were classed in the same gemological category, and can be confused by the casual observer, but they are different in terms of their energies.

Though garnet fully embodies the qualities of creativity, sexuality, and in general a flowing of energies which are characteristic of the second chakra, it does so in a far gentler way than does ruby. It is more likely to awaken friendship than passion, although its reputed ability to strengthen will, persistence, confidence, and success could make the person who works with or wears it very attractive to others.

The second chakra isn't the only area where garnet can be placed. It can be used on any chakra location to stimulate that center's creative expression. For example, someone who's suffering a writer's block might want to place garnet on the throat center (another traditional area related to creativity). If one feels emotionally repressed, garnet's vibrant energy may help to awaken the heart center.

Garnet is called by many the happy stone, and this makes it appropriate for Capricorns, who, particularly when they're younger, tend to be more serious than other people. Also, though unafraid to be leaders in the world of business and government, they may be shy about taking the lead in a romantic encounter, and garnet can give them a spark of encouragement.

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