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A Crystal In Evolution

Dioptase is considered by many crystal healers to be a relatively young stone which is evolving into emerald-like frequencies. Emerald is best known as a stone of both spiritual love and spiritual healing, and is the stone most frequently recommended for the "wounded healer," healers who take on their clients' issues or who don't focus enough on their own healing. It is also a crystal related to abundance and creativity. In my own work with dioptase I have found that dioptase is indeed very much like emerald, and that is has some unique qualities as well.

In late 2000 dioptase came to the forefront of my attention. I was trading crystals for essences with a friend who makes her own flower and gem essences. I chose the stones intuitively, and for this particular trade I was drawn strongly to send dioptase to my friend.

The moment she received the package she emailed me to say a healer friend had just strongly recommended she work with dioptase. We were both impressed by this, and more impressed when she made up an essence blend of Peruvian daffodil and dioptase which immediately began to work on (literally attack) some of her long-standing issues.

Her report inspired me to begin a new round of research with dioptase. Before writing this article I meditated with dioptase, and found my energy directed towards sending remote healing to my kitten, Gracie, who'd been spayed the day before. Though she'd been sleeping two floors below, and it wasn't much fun for her to climb stairs, she came upstairs while I was meditating, sniffed the dioptase, and lay down beside me, purring with deep contentment.

In reviewing this experience and some others with dioptase I've concluded there is a quality of magic to this crystal. It reminds us of the limitations we create for ourselves and urges us to transcend them.

In the areas of abundance, creativity, and healing it helps us to realize that we are the source of these qualities, and that we have the ability to transform these qualities into physical manifestation. It further helps us by stimulating the creative gifts and imagination which can effect this transformation.

In meditation I usually place dioptase on the heart chakra, although it can also be placed between the heart and the throat (an area which is sometimes called the high heart chakra). Because its deep green has almost a blue tone, I also like to place it on the throat center. Its strong ability to stimulate ideas also makes it a natural crystal to be placed on the third eye (between and slightly above the eyebrows.)

Experiment with your dioptase. You are almost certain to be surprised.

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