The Genius Stone

Fluorite is a stone which operates on and enhances the mental plane. It is often used to increase the ability to concentrate, and many people have experienced that when they work with it on a regular basis that it can amplify intellectual development.

Its greatest gift to us, though, is its ability to help us connect mind to spirit. It does so by helping to neutralize persistent and unwanted thought patterns so that the mind, instead of keeping itself distracted by constant activity, much of which is resistance to these undesired thoughts, can be at peace.

fluorite crystal

Once at peace, the mind becomes aware of its source, infinite and universal intelligence. This awareness, when achieved on a regular basis (see the fluorite octahedron layout below), creates a pathway for remaining attuned to universal consciousness while functioning as an individual on the physical plane. It is a primary stone for those who feel the need to be mentally focused, centered, and grounded.

It usually comes in blue, purple, yellow, and white (although green and pink fluorite sometimes occur). Blue stands for inner peace, mental calmness, and serenity. Purple represents a focus on the expression of spirit. Yellow is the color of understanding and manifestation. White represents the purest merging of the individual with universal spirit.

Meditating with Fluorite

Although fluorite may occur in clusters, pyramids, and octahedrons (double pyramids) I focus in this article on the octahedrons, as the most commonly available form.

The octahedron form represents the merging of the physical, mental, and spiritual planes, thus symbolizing a state of completion.

A very easy fluorite octahedron layout consists of holding an octahedron in each hand and placing one above each eyebrow. If practiced regularly, this can help to balance the mind. (Although the colors of the stones used aren't important I prefer to use purple octahedrons above the eyebrows).

A more detailed layout uses seven octahedrons. (Again, color isn't vital, but I have my preferences.)

  1. Place one stone in the center of the forehead. Place two others above the center of each eyebrow. (I prefer that all of these be purple, although white would also be effective.)
  2. Place another octahedron at the throat (I like blue), and a third one on the navel (I like yellow).
  3. Place the two remaining stones at the junctures of the legs and the body. (I have no color preferences for these.)
  4. Keep these stones in position for at least eleven minutes. Breathe deeply and calm your mind by exhaling each thought as it enters your mind.

I've been doing this meditation lately, with the participation of my cat, Binx. Each time I start she gets very excited by the stones and knocks off as many as she can. After a minute or so, though, she suddenly becomes very still and statuesque, and purrs for the duration of my/our meditation.

It definitely works!

It is recommended that this meditation be done once or twice a week for six consecutive weeks. I've found this practice to be very grounding, in the sense that it helps me to manifest my ideas into reality, as helping me to explore a deep reservoir of creativity.

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