golden topaz

Golden Topaz:
The Sun King

One of the general qualities of all topaz is the ability to help to balance energy so that one is neither stressed nor depressed. In meditating with topaz regularly it's possible to feel both calm and energized.

Golden topaz heightens this quality because of its radiant color. More than any of the golden stones, it seems to have captured the fiery warmth of the sun.

Topaz in general is considered to be one of the crystals most valuable in terms of helping one to dissolve the energy blockages that cause procrastination. Golden topaz has the additional ability to help one feel inspired and able to tap into natural resources and wisdom.

Because of these qualities, golden topaz has a special association with the aspects of the third chakra related to personal success. Often the blockages associated with procrastination are really lack of self-esteem and fear of failure in disguise. Topaz's radiance is a spark that ignites our own inner fire until we are alive with the light of self-realization.

Another name for golden topaz is imperial topaz. Historically, this crystal was often associated with royalty. In modern times, we can see this stone as one which helps each of us to recognize our own importance.

It can thus easily lead those who desire this to recognition by others and perhaps even fame. Because of its ability to balance one's energy, though, topaz can help those who seek recognition from tipping over to an exaggerated sense of self importance.

In meditation, golden topaz is best placed on the navel-solar plexus area. As a pendant, it is best worn near the heart or solar plexus.

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