Hawk's Eye: The Aerial View

I often have the pleasure of watching hawks soaring in the sky, seeming to circle endlessly as their keen eyes search the earth below for prey. Like the earthbound predators, the big cats, a hawk is patient, and as a cat's slow, careful stalking seems almost a moving meditation, so the hawk's circling is an aerial dance.

Similar relationships exist between tiger's eye and hawk's eye. Tiger's eye represents taking the long view: being patient and using good timing in terms of what we want to create for our lives, and Hawk's eye also symbolizes a detached perspective, in this case, an aerial viewpoint.

Such a perspective is especially valuable when we feel as if we are thoroughly entangled in problems, choices, or a generally confused situation. When we're able to achieve some distance from our situations we see, not entanglement, but a pattern which can be changed. When we can detach ourselves from the emotional turmoil which envelops our situations we are able to discover solutions.

To do this, place hawk's eye on the third eye (middle of the forehead) and imagine that you are a bird (you don't have to be a hawk, if you have a favorite bird or one which is your particular power totem). Imagine yourself flying higher and higher until the events of your life are far below.

Now call upon another meaning of hawk's eye, that which is related to the symbolism of the hawk as the messenger of the gods. Ask for insight and a deepening of your aerial perspective. Ask for understanding of your situation and the best means of transforming it.

Like tiger's eye, which has a yellow-gold sheen, hawk's eye flashes blue-green. In each case this sheen symbolizes the sudden flashes of insight we can have when our perspective alters.

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