Hematite: Protecting Us From Ourselves

hematite sphere

When we were first selling crystals we often encountered people who wandered into the store in a spirit of curiosity masked as skepticism. One notable skeptic pulled out a hematite he kept in his pocket. "This is my worry stone," he said, rubbing it fondly before putting it away.

These silvery-gray stones can be polished to such a high sheen that long ago they were used as mirrors. Its content is iron oxide, and because iron was traditionally associated with Mars warriors used to rub their bodies with it in the belief that it would protect them.

Hematite is a protective stone, though perhaps not in the way the ancient Romans imagined it to be. We particularly recommend this stone for people who have difficulty in preventing themselves from absorbing the emotions of others. Those who have strong representations of Cancer and Pisces in their astrological charts are particularly likely to be emotional sponges, but others may also be vulnerable to this.

When we take on someone else's mood it's almost as if we've surrendered our will to that of someone else. Hematite, as a power stone whose purpose is to deepen the connection between spirit and body, helps us to keep our sense of self and sense of purpose firm. Its reflective quality symbolizes its ability to help deflect the emotions of others.

This is what our skeptical friend unconsciously knew. He may have called it a worry stone; we call it one of protection, and a very good one to keep around at all times.

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