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There are actually two forms of jade: jadeite, which is the more precious form, and nephrite, which is more common (and more affordable). Jadeite is more translucent and generally more beautiful, but the spiritual properties of jadeite and nephrite are the same.

Though jade comes in many colors, my focus here is on green jade. The color green relates to the heart. This energy center, among other qualities, helps to balance one's energy. Jade does this with its calming, stabilizing, and soothing effects. Because of its soothing qualities, it helps to rid the mind of negativity. Just as physical tension can keep pain in the body, so mental tension can hold negative thoughts in the mind.

One of my favorite crystal frogs (I have a sizable collection) is carved from jade. I hold and rub it whenever I'm feeling tense, and I often feel the stored tension literally vibrating out of me.

The heart center also relates to love. In China, where jade has been treasured since at least 2950 B.C., amulets were carved to denote friendship and romantic love, including butterflies, which symbolized successful love. Jade was generally known as the concentrated essence of love.

This quality explains the strong symbolic connection between jade and the Chinese goddess, Kwan Yin. Her five major attributes are believed to be mercy, modesty, courage, justice, and wisdom, all of which help to create a foundation for love.

She is also known as the goddess of compassion, and this is perhaps the highest form of love.

Whether a piece of jade is precious in terms of the material world, its value to those who wish to be calm, serene, and loving is beyond price.

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