Loving Choices

Many people on a spiritual path believe that to truly evolve they must must never get angry, they must never refuse the demands of others, even if these demands seem unreasonable.

Kunzite can mediate between the heart which says, "yes" and the mind which says "not on your life." It tells us that there are times when anger may be a loving response, and that sometimes to not express it is an act of unkindness. It tells us when saying no is a loving choice. It helps us to set wise boundaries.

This stone is part of the heart triad which also includes rose quartz and pink tourmaline. Rose quartz heals the wounds of the heart and allows us to experience unconditional love for ourselves. Pink tourmaline enables us to give unconditional love to others.

Kunzite is the catalyst for the transformation of self-love into love's external expression. It's a stone of balance, creating a state of emotional calmness, security, and maturity.

In appearance it is a flat crystal with parallel striations (ridges) running its length. Tourmaline, topaz, and beryl (aquamarine, morganite, and others) share this characteristic. Energy runs through such stones at a rapid rate, making them helpful for dissolving energy blockages.

Kunzite's color is a lavender-pink. This indicates its ability to help blend the energies of mind (purple) and heart (pink).

In meditation, kunzite can be placed on the heart chakra, either alone or with rose quartz and pink tourmaline or pink calcite. It can also be placed on the third eye, with rose quartz on the heart center, to further blend the energies of heart and mind.

It's a wonderful stone to give to anyone who is experiencing emotional confusion, a troubled mental state, or putting unrealistic (and unloving) demands on themselves. I've found it to be one of the most important crystals in my own collection.

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