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I find this to be an exceptionally beautiful stone. Its' overall color of dark silvery blue is highlighted with gleams of iridescent green, turqoise, gold, and other colors -- a phenomenon called by gem and mineral dealers "flash." This is just how it appears: a flash of light in the darkness, and you may also find that its iridescence increases as you work with it.

Its' appearance is a striking description of its purpose; this is the stone which helps us to develop the wise use of psychic abilities.

I have counseled people in various stages of psychic development: those who say they have no talent for it at all; those who feel this ability emerging but fear it, and those who say they have no control over it at all. Labradorite/spectrolite is a valuable stone for any of these stages.

Though the subject of why people think they don't have psychic abilities deserves a much longer article, one of the reasons they feel that way is because on a deeper level they fear having such abilities. There are likewise many reasons for such a fear; the one most related to labradorite/spectrolite is the fear that they will abuse these powers.

This is something that many people with emerging psychic skills recognize. Very often this fear centers around the temptation to use these ability for ego-related purposes, i.e., "Look at me, I can read your mind."

In the same sense, sometimes people who say that they have no control over their psychic gifts don't want to be responsible in case anything goes wrong.

Labradorite/spectrolite can be helpful in any of the above situations. Hold one or place on the third eye (between and above the other two) and think of its flashing color as flames of illumination deeply grounded in being. Imagine how your own psychic flashes can, when deeply rooted in a sense of self which is neither inflated nor self-demeaning, bring enlightenment to your life and that of others.

One particular way in which labradorite can open up psychic awareness is in the dream state. It will often tell you in dreamtime things of which you aren't aware in the waking state.

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