Opening the Inner Eye

Lapis lazuli is a unique combination of darkness and light, its deep blue color which sparkles with gold pyrite a symbol for a night sky alight with stars.

The ancient Egyptians considered lapis to be a royal stone. It was often pulverized and made into a poultice to be rubbed into the crown of the head. It was believed that as it dried it drew out all spiritual impurities.

Today, although we may be less likely to think of spiritual impurities in terms of using lapis its most common use is to clear the mind of elements of the past which are no longer needed. This is a procedure which should be done with care, for when the past is released it often carries with it emotional wounds.

I recommend that when lapis is used for this purpose in meditation it should be placed on the third eye (between the other two), and joined by either rose quartz, aventurine, or amethyst. I also recommend placing a rose quartz on the heart center, rhodochrosite on the solar plexus, and smoky quartz on the first (root) chakra (either in the pelvic area or by the feet). The other stones soften lapis' impact and help to dissolve the charge of the emotions which may surface.

The lapis journey is one of going into our own mysteries, into the illusions which we have accepted as reality. The reward for choosing to go into this darkness is symbolized by the golden light which shines in lapis' deep blue sky.

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