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For me one of the most welcome sights of spring is the return of vivid green to my environment. It is refreshing not only to my eyes, but to my spirit, for it symbolizes the reawakening of earth's energy and life flow.

This is the energy of malachite, a light to deep green stone which symbolizes the magical and healing powers of all plant forms.

Malachite, unlike stones of the quartz family, does not radiate, but absorbs energy. Because of this it's very useful for drawing out emotional negativity. This is most commonly done by placing it on the solar plexus (where many emotions are held).

Like rhodochrosite, malachite helps to release repressed emotions and to restore deep breathing. When you work with it in this way it can be helpful to visualize with each inhalation that a deep green energy is filling you with healing and balance.

(A note: if you use malachite for the purpose of drawing out negativity it's important to clear it after each healing session. See the article on clearing crystals in this section.

Malachite is also a very valuable stone to use for stimulating creativity. Simply to look at one can be a creative experience; the beautiful swirling patterns of light and dark, the circles and other designs (I have one which has a four-leaf-clover pattern), serve to remind us that creativity is a natural and spontaneous experience.

If you work with malachite for the purpose of creative expression you may want to place it either on your throat area or on the third eye (between and slightly above the eyebrows). As you meditate you may wish to contemplate the great and infinite creativity of nature.

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