malachite chrysocolla

The Marriage of
Earth and Sea

If you've ever flown over islands in a tropical sea you know the beauty of dark green against turquoise. This sight closely resembles the swirls of malachite which rest in a chrysocolla sea.

This is the appearance of malachite-chrysocolla, a crystal which has recently become one of my favorites.

Malachite is a stone of vibrant energy which symbolizes the reemerging life force of spring. As grass pushes up from the earth so malachite brings to the surface emotional negativity.

Alone, its effects can sometimes be harsh, which is why I recommend that its energy be softened by a member of the quartz family (clear or rose quartz, amethyst or aventurine). When it combines with chrysocolla its energy is equally softened.

Chrysocolla is a stone whose effect is to soothe and calm. It can help to ease fear, anxiety, and guilt, and gently releases emotions. It is, in addition, a stone which is often used in meditations for world peace.

Thus, to work with malachite-chrysocolla is to discover one of the most healing ways to release emotional blockages. It is also invaluable in creative expression.

Both stones are associated with creativity; malachite can bring creative impulses to the surface. Chrysocolla both stimulates creativity and, by releasing the fear of creative expression, can make the creation process a more flowing and enjoyable experience.

This versatile stone can be placed wherever you feel you have an energy blockage. It is especially effective on the throat, solar plexus, and throat. In meditating you may wish to imagine your body/spirit filled with its soothing colors - as if perhaps you were afloat in a beautiful tropical sea.

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