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obsidian sphere

Obsidian is probably the most challenging stone used in crystal work. It is actually volcanic glass, and has been used by many native cultures to make knives. Like a knife, obsidian cuts to the heart of the matter, sometimes, it seems, without the use of anesthesia.

This doesn't mean that you need to shrink in alarm from it. Obsidian is simply a stone to be worked with consciously and with respect.

If you feel your growth has stagnated and that it needs a jolt to get yourself moving again there is no better stone. It will help to show you the layers of ego and identity which are blocking that growth, and though some of its information may be painful it helps a great deal at such moments to realize that there is also much pain in self-deception.

Blunting the Knife

Those of you who enjoy intense experiences will take your obsidian unadulterated. For others, there are stones which soften obsidian's blade. These include aventurine, rose quartz, and chrysocolla. As members of the quartz family the first two stones help to dissolve what obsidian surfaces; while chrysocolla is a warm and nurturing stone which makes the truth easier to hear. Snowflake obsidian also offers a softened version of this stone.

Obsidian, grim as it may sound to some of you, has a certain sense of humor. When A friend of mine acquired his first one a key issue for him was looking for a new job. The next day when he sat down at his typewriter (remember typewriters?) the resume which had been missing for weeks suddenly appeared on the top of his pile of papers.

Obsidian and Scorpio

They share an affinity for the planet Pluto, considered by many to be the planet of transformation, of powerful change emerging from deep within. As obsidian is dedicated to truth, so Scorpio is dedicated to honesty of feeling. It has been said of them that they would rather have any feeling, no matter how unpleasant, than none at all, and obsidian is a particularly good stone for them to use.

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