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Ocean Jasper:
Calming the
Emotional Sea

The solar plexus relates to the release of emotional traumas and blockages. Its traditional colors are yellow-green and pinkish-orange.

Rhodochrosite, one of the solar plexus crystals, helps one to breathe deeply, thus physical tension and emotional toxins in this area, releasing emotional blockages. Malachite, a color exception (being a true green), brings emotional issues to the surface without dissolving their emotional charge.

Ocean jasper is a more recently discovered crystal that can be used for emotional release in the solar plexus area. Its colors are cream, dark green, yellow, and other hues, all combined in swirls and other patterns.

All jasper has a grounding effect. Those who work with any of its varieties tend to experience change happening in a gentle and gradual way.

Ocean jasper has a particular effect on the emotions. When you hold it, it can bring long-standing and unresolved emotional issues to the surface. One might think of this surfacing as the rising of a turbulent sea of feelings.

Ocean jasper has a soothing and nurturing effect. In working with this stone, you may have the feeling that these emotions, now out of hiding, aren't as important and troublesome as they had felt when they were trapped inside you.

Instead, you may have a feeling of calmness, much like the sea after a storm.

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