Opal: Breaking the Surface


Opal is probably one of the most misunderstood and myth-ified stones in the crystal realm. In my many years of working with and selling stones I have heard (among other theories) that it's a bad-luck stone, that you should only have one if someone gives it to you as a gift, and that you should only have/wear it if it's your birthstone (Libra).

I don't think that opal is a bad-luck stone; nor do I feel that there need be restrictions on its use. I do feel, though, that this is a stone which can have very powerful effects, and that the wearer/user should be aware of them.

I also feel that opal's reputation as a stone which causes misfortune is directly related to its powers. To the degree that feelings and emotions are mistrusted so will opal be.

This stone contains up to thirty percent water. This, plus its ever-changing play of colors (called opalescence), give it the ability to mirror and magnification of one's emotions.

This is the kind of gift which doesn't always seem like one. When we're feeling emotionally upset the last thing we want is to feel more of this. However, the more deeply we can feel our emotions the more quickly they go away.

Think about how you feel after a good cry: exhausted, yes, but also relieved, relaxed, de-stressed. Emotions are most unpleasant when we feel stuck in them - which usually means that we're resisting them. We don't, for example, want to be angry, so instead anger seethes and simmers, or when completely repressed, implodes to create stress, tension, and sometimes physical conditions.

If you can hang on for the ride you will find that opal will help you to release persistent emotional states. In chakra layouts it can be placed on the heart or solar plexus for purposes of release. I would recommend also using rose quartz for a softening effect.

When we're feeling emotionally stable and/or joyful another gift of opal comes into play. Opal doesn't only magnify what we classify as negative emotions; it also enhances feelings of love and happiness. Thus, wearing or working with this stone can be a transcendent experience.

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