For Wounded Self-Esteem

In 1987, when we were brand-new shop owners I sometimes got a stomach ache just before it was time to go to the store. On those occasions I taped a peridot to my solar plexus, and the pain disappeared.

I don't guarantee that peridot (or any stone) will work for physical healing; what happened for me was release of the anxiety which was literally tying me into knots:my concern and fear about having given up my perfectly good job for a reckless romp in the dual worlds of metaphysics and retail sales. Peridot was the ideal stone for providing such relief.

In traditional crystal symbology green is the color most directly associated with healing; while yellow is connected with both the will and the intellect. Peridot, a vibrant yellow-green, relates to healing the wounds of the ego.

It Hurts "Me"

The ego is a fragile construction. Many spiritual people believe that we'd be better off without ours, but it responds poorly to punishment, and is most likely to dissolve when treated gently. Thus, it's my feeling that emotional injuries such as anger, jealousy, or generally hurt feelings are best viewed, not as manifestations of an unevolved soul, but as wounds which need to be healed.

Peridot can play a valuable role in this healing. If you use it in a crystal layout it belongs on the solar plexus, where it can also, like rhodochrosite, help to promote slow, deep breathing. With an aventurine on the heart center and a citrine on the navel, peridot can act as an instrument for blending love and will.

Peridot and Leo

There are two primary keywords for the Lion: heart and pride. The classic Leo personality is that for which the term, "superiority complex" was coined. Those who know and love Leos, however, know that their egos are actually very vulnerable, and they are especially hurt when one of their big-hearted gestures (and they are bighearted, often showing great courage in the protection or defense of others) goes unappreciated.

Give your Lion a peridot, and s/he'll learn how to purr again.

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