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Quartz Crystals

I've never forgotten the customer who once came into our realtime store, and spent some time examining various stones and commenting on their beauty. Finally she smiled, and said, "God must have had fun when He made stones."

Her words created for me the image of a master artist taking delight in a realm of creations, carving a multitude of crystalline forms, weaving delicate strands of golden rutile, painting with an unlimited palette of hues.

On a deeper level I envisioned energy taking individual form, choosing its particular form of physical expression, designing and creating itself.

If beauty were the only function of the mineral kingdom it would be purpose enough. It is perhaps even more miraculous that the shapes and colors of crystals have particular purposes which can help to guide us on our spiritual paths.

Guideposts in Quartz

If you have more than one quartz point you know that no two are identical. They do have a general similarity, though, in that all have six sides which terminate in a point which has six faces.

I like the idea that the six sides of a quartz crystal represent the first six chakras, with the termination representing the crown chakra, that part of our subtle body which connects us to Spirit.

To work with quartz crystals is to work with Spirit and to awaken that part of yourself which is Spirit. It's a process of awakening to and becoming who you've always been.

Within this general description there are different kinds of quartz crystals--or possible combinations, as more than one quality can be incorporated into one crystal. I describe four of them below.


Gemini Crystal

Also called twin crystals, these are two or more crystals joined together (when there are several they are generally called a cluster). The crystals may be of different sizes and shapes; what matters is their connection.

The way I most like to work with a gemini crystal is to hold it while I meditate and contemplate areas of life in which I feel divided.

Some divisions are simple conflicts over how to use my time and energy; I want to go swimming, but I also want to stay home and write or paint. Some may relate to points in our lives where the path truly divides. Should you continue towards your engineering degree or quit school and live on an ashram?

Ultimately, external divisions emerge from internal conflicts. Taking the engineering/ashram choices, perhaps you are deeply drawn to spend some time in a deeply contemplative life and spiritual community, but you have deep fears at the survival level. Hold your gemini, or place it on the root chakra while you meditate. Imagine how this conflict can be healed. Ask for guidance if this is appropriate to your belief system.

Envision the harmony and effortless union of the points which form your gemini, and look at it often.

(A Bach Flower Remedy counterpart to a gemini crystal is Scleranthus.)


Tabular Crystal

A tabular crystal is flat in appearance, with two opposing sides being much wider than the other four. (They are sometimes also double-terminated). Their ability is that of connection and balance.

In a crystal layout they can be used to blend energies between two chakras. For example, if you feel something deeply but can't seem to express it you might place a tabular crystal between the heart and throat chakras.

They can also be used to balance energies between two people, if those people are willing to sit facing each other with a tabular quartz between them and make an honest effort to resolve their differences.

When you are leaving one stage of your life and apprehensive about taking the steps which will lead you to a new phase tabular crystals can act as bridges. Keep one with you, meditate with it, and program it for a smooth transition. (Walnut is the Bach Flower Counterpart to this aspect of tabular crystals.)

double terminated

Double Terminated Crystal

A double-terminated crystal has a point at each end. They can be used as tools for balancing energy in the way that tabulars are, and they have some additional meanings and functions.

Double-terminated crystals have grown, not out of a rock surface, but in clay, which allows them to form two points. These points are generally believed to symbolize the balance of spirit and matter, to teach us that we can be balanced in our expression of both qualities, and that all opposites or seeming conflicts can meet in the center.

channeling crystal

Channeling Crystal

A channeling crystal has at least one face with seven sides and one with three sides. The number seven represents intuition and spiritual connection; while three represents the grounding of this connection (much as a pyramid grounds spiritual energy), and the ability to express it.

The subject of channeling itself is one too large for this particular article, and the purpose of channeling crystals is not principally to help us communicate wisdom from nonphysical beings. It is, rather, to help us awaken and access our own intuitive knowledge.

Channelers can be very helpful when you have a problem which you don't seem to be able to solve through usual reasoning patterns. Sit or lie down and hold a channeling crystal. It can be helpful to place it on the third eye chakra or to join the index fingers and thumbs of each hand around the termination of the crystal. I find that simply holding one is helpful, and I often do this when I get stuck while writing.

Be open to whatever impressions you receive. Sometimes they don't make sense right away, but do later on. You may also want to sleep with a channeling crystal beneath your pillow.

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