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Dow, Isis, Record Keeper, Window, and Rainbow Crystals

Dow crystal

Dow Crystal

Katrina Raphaell, author of three books about crystals, named the the Dow Crystal in honor of Jane Anne Dow, a close friend. The crystal itself is a variation of a channeling crystal.

A channeler has at least one face with seven sides and one with three sides. The number seven represents intuition and spiritual connection; while three represents the grounding of this connection (much as a pyramid grounds spiritual energy), and the ability to express it.

While it is possible for one to channel a nonphysical entity after practice with this crystals, that need not be the goal. It can also help us awaken and access our own intuitive knowledge, especially when we have a problem we can't solve through usual reasoning patterns.

In a Dow crystal the termination has three seven-sided faces and three triangles. This means that the energies described above are perfectly balanced.

For me this energy serves to remind us that we are already perfect. So many philosophies devised by humans seem designed only to tell us we're flawed, inadequate, in need of major repair. When we believe this, we cut ourselves off from our soul essence, which is pure love. Thus we disallow what can return us to wholeness.

When we're aware of a particular chakra being out of balance, we can place the Dow crystal there. For example, if you feel lacking in self-esteem, put the Dow on the navel/solar plexus area. You may wish to surround it with four citrines or a combination of citrine and tiger's eye.

Dow crystals can also help us to view the suffering of others from the soul perspective. In this state we experience compassion and are able to shift our attention from the misery of others and create and hold an image of them appreciating their own soul essence. (This is especially helpful if you combine it with hematite and the FES flower essence Yarrow, for general shielding, or Pink Yarrow, to keep one from taking on the negativity of those to whom one is close.)

Isis crystal

Isis Crystal

These crystals are named after the Egyptian goddess, Isis, which means "seat" or "throne". The story of Isis, one of the most powerful of Egyptian myths, tells of her unyielding efforts to rescue her husband, Osiris, after jealous Set had him murdered and dismembered.

Isis braved a variety of physical and metaphysical dangers in order to find the scattered pieces of Osiris, setting up a shrine every time she found one. She managed, through magical means, to briefly bring Osiris back to life and to conceive their son, Horus.

She was regarded as the symbolical mother of the King and was worshipped as the "Great Goddess of Magic. Because she protected her son Horus from snakes, predators and other dangers, it was believed she would protect mortal children also. The ancient Egyptians regarded Isis as the "Eye of Ra".

To those who have suffered deep emotional loss and who may feel that life is unjust, the story of Isis offers the power of self healing, inner strength, and perserverance. It tells us that focused desire and belief in our own power can create miracles. This is also the teaching of the Isis crystal.

An Isis crystal has a pentagon-shaped face with two lines extending at outward angles from the base line and two longer lines extending inward to form a point. The lower lines symbolize reaching outward into the world to face its challenges and gathering experience. The upper lines symbolize coming back inward to spirit. The design as a whole symbolizes the unity and blending of opposites.

Conflict and contradiction can create unbalanced emotions and pain. We may, for example, want to believe that life is meant to be a joyful experience, but find that pain from the past blocks our ability to feel joy.

Some crystal authorities believe the painful past must be reviewed in order to be healed. I don't. It's my feeling (and not a fact) that when one's focus is on negative emotions, they tend to grow. My approach with an Isis crystal is to ask for healing and balance without addressing or remaining in the situation that needs to be healed.

I use two methods for this meditation process. One is to place an Isis crystal with the Isis face down on the heart, with any of the following crystals: rose quartz for opening the heart, rhodonite for patience in the healing process, and/or kunzite for making loving choices. You may also like to place a danburite on the crown chakra (top of head; in practical terms, if you're meditating lying down, to place it by the top of your head).

Another rewarding way to meditate with this crystal is to gaze into the Isis face. Imagine yourself in some beautiful environment where healing can take place. It could be a temple, a grove in the woods, by the sea. The choice is yours. Imagine yourself in this place as you look into the Isis face and visualize yourself in perfect balance and harmony.

window crystal

Window Crystal

Many crystals have diamond shapes on the termination. A window crystal is distinct in that the diamond is large enough to be considered a seventh face to the point (terminations usually have six faces).

Based on the role this crystal plays in transformation, it might be more accurate to call it a mirror crystal. Its function seems to be primarily reflective. There are different interpretations of exactly what it reflects. Some teachers say it reflects all of a person, both the light and shadow. You'll see whatever you're ready to see.

Others say that in meditation with this crystal you'll see beyond your own illusory identities to the essence of your being. I lean toward this interpretation. To me the difference between the two understandings is one of choice. Many people believe they must see the negative in detail and depth before they can reach for the positive. Others believe that reaching for and absorbing one's positive essence is what helps the hold of the negative to dissolve.

Whatever you choose to see in meditation with a window crystal, there are several methods for working with it.

One is to gaze into it, as one would with a crystal ball. When you do this, allow your physical surroundings to fade into the background, along with distracting thoughts. You may find it helpful to focus on a particular aspect of being or a question.

For example, you might want to ask: "What way of work/livelihood is compatible with my highest self?" or "Is there a physical location that aligns with my deepest vibrations?"

You can also, to physically eliminate visual distractions, close your eyes and place a window crystal against the third eye (between and slightly above the other two), with the window face pressed against the forehead. You can either ask questions or simply be open to whatever impressions come.

As in all focused work with individual crystals, practice is essential.

record keeper crystal

Record Keeper Crystal

In considering this crystal, we go into a mysterious and magical aspect of crystal lore. Record keepers are believed to come from Atlantis and Lemuria, programmed before the demise of these two ancient civilizations with vital information for future generations. They were then placed deep in the earth. Some people believe that record keepers can also manifest out of the air.

You may already have a record keeper. Their identifying mark is a triangle (or more than one) on one of the faces of a quartz crystal. (Record keepers may also be amethyst, smoky quartz, or citrine.) Sometimes it's necessary to put the crystal beneath a strong light, as the triangles may be very small. You will not only see this triangle, you will also be able to feel its indentation.

As if this isn't mysterious enough, I have also experienced looking for a record keeper on a crystal without finding it. Then later on I would look at the same cystal and clearly see a triangle.

It's difficult to categorize the kinds of information these crystals hold. I've received direct information about Atlantis and gone into two past lives where I played two very different roles. This information helped me to understand important aspects of my current life and to deepen my ability to teach others about crystals in general.

If you want to work with a record keeper, one important prerequisite is the ability to be open to information you may find fantastic in terms of ordinary life or what you believe to be true. Be prepared to believe the unbelievable. Be prepared to receive this information with your heart and intuition.

Also be open to find ways you can incorporate the information you receive into your life. It may confirm inklings you've had about ways you want to change your direction; it may confirm a path you're already taking.

Partnering with a record keeper may be one of the most powerful experiences you can have with a crystal. Be prepared.

Rainbow crystal

Rainbow Crystal

Like the rainbow which sometimes follow rain, rainbows in crystals symbolize joy and renewal, and hope. It can be very powerful and healing to hold a crystal which has rainbows and meditate on this. See an article on rainbow crystals.

For more information about quartz see a general article and an article about clusters.

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