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Ruby in Fuschite:
Easing the Emotions

My first view of ruby in fuschite came when I saw some spheres at a gem and mineral show. I was captivated. The brilliant flashes of scarlet in soft sea green streaked with cream blended to created an almost unbelievably beautiful color combination.

Luckily, at the time I had no books or internet access to look up its meaning. Instead, I held it and felt an immediate sense of comfort and wellbeing.

That night, Joyce and I stayed at the home of friends, and the next morning they asked to see what we'd gotten at the show. Before showing them anything else, I brought in a bag of tumbled ruby in fuschite. They were also instantly drawn to the stone, and I told them to pick out some for themselves. They stones sat on the table that morning while we talked.

In the course of our conversation, Joyce brought up an issue she's been unable to deal with for years. One of our friends started to work with a method she learned , and Joyce made some progress. Then the other friend, a therapist, chose a different approach to the issue. Joyce found herself getting very emotional, and in a very short period of time, had some huge insights.

Finally, I made a connection between a physical symptom she mentioned and an incident she'd talked about from her childhood. Remembering and reliving that incident proved to be the culmination of strong emotional release.

Then she was able to listen to our therapist friend's suggestions for how to handle the situation.

I give the vast majority of credit to our skilled therapist friend and to the generally supportive environment the other friend. Before we left the subject, though, I wondered out loud whether the presence of a pound of this new crystal might have had anything to do with the ease of Joyce's release. The more I thought about it, the more I believed that the ruby in fuschite had been a silent but powerful partner in the transformation.

What I read about fuschite when I got home confirmed my conclusion.

I already knew that ruby amplifies all emotions. This makes it very helpful for bringing long-held emotions to the surface. In Joyce's case, the emotions were anger, followed by guilt and shame. The ruby helped to amplify these emotions. The stone also activates a passion for living fullyl. In this case, I believe she became strongly aware that she realized how this issue was limiting her ability to enjoy life. The ruby amplified her desire to release the energetic block caused by the issue.

Fuschite is a crystal most of us already have worked with, without perhaps knowing it. A chromium mica, it gives aventurine its color.

The various sources I consulted said that fuschite, in conjunction with other crystals helps to speed up physical or emotional healing. It can return one to a state of wellbeing after an emotional confrontation. It also helps emotions travel from an unconscious to a conscious level and takes them further to psychic and intuitive awareness. It can also activate a lighthearted spirit and a feeling of compassion.

In this context, if you're looking for a crystal to help bring up stubborn negative emotional states and to release them with minimum suffering, ruby in fuschite is an excellent crystal for this purpose. I would recommend either holding it or placing it on the heart chakra.

In summary, we can view fuschite as an emotional restorative, one that activates feelings and elevates them to a calm, peaceful, and compassionate state.

Alternatively, you can spread a pound of it on the dininng room table and gather some close and supportive friends.

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