Ruby in Zoisite:
Grounding Passion

ruby in

To see this stone's swirls of red and green merging in a black background is somewhat like beholding a piece of Impressionist art. That the artist is Nature is even more impressive.

It doesn't surprise me that this stone relates to creativity. Part of its energy relates to its blending of complementary colors.

Red and green are opposites on the color wheel; so are the secondary colors in this stone, purple and yellow. In the chakra system red relates to creativity and sexuality; while green is associated with healing, balancing, and abundance.

By itself, ruby is associated with passion. It can bring anger to the surface, and will amplify any emotion. It isn't usually recommended for naturally fiery people (which could include those with strong Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius in their charts), and in general, it is recommended that ruby's volatile energy be tempered by a stone with softer energies, such as moonstone or rose quartz.

Zoisite provides a natural medium for softening ruby's qualities. Its green provides a cooling and stabilizing effect. This is very valuable when passion seems overwhelming, and this could be an excellent stone for healing the broken heart and for lessening or neutralizing obsessive feelings about another person.

It can also be very helpful for creative energies. Often our ideas swirl around in our heads, never quite reaching realization. What is needed in such cases is some stabilizing energy, which zoisite provides.

I've noticed that this stone, once uncommon, has recently become more available. This may be an indication that more people are ready to have relationships which heal, not hurt, and to be more expressive of their innate creativity.

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