smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz:
Grounded in the Light


We are all spirit in physical form, and some of us have varying degrees of ambivalence as to how fully we want to experience our physicality. As one of those people, I speak with some familiarity on the subject. To me, being grounded sometimes feels like the punishment I received for adolescent misdemeanors„being deprived of my freedom.

One of my challenges in this lifetime is to experience my connection to the earth plane as a pleasurable one. Smoky quartz has been very helpful in this aspect of my journey.

This stone comes in various translucent shades of brown. Because of its clarity it's considered to be capable of channeling the white light of the crown chakra (represented by the top of the head) into the first chakra (base of spine, legs, feet) to help root an individual in the physical plane. It can quite literally make one happy to be alive (which is why it is often used by people who are depressed, worn out, or feel unable to realize their dreams. In the latter instance, it can help to restore their confidence in their ability to work with the laws of physical existence in order to manifest the conditions which will renew joy in their lives.

One of the ways smoky quartz helps us to accomplish this is through disposing of psychic waste. Very often old beliefs and emotions prevent us from experiencing life fully. This stone helps us to process and release that which is no longer needed. As we release these blockages we find that we have more space in which to grow.

A nice way to use smoky quartz in meditation is to hold a clear quartz in one hand and a smoky in the other. You may want to think about the conditions in your life which you wish to release or change while mentally focusing on the smoky quartz, then ask for inspiration regarding accomplishing these changes.

Smoky quartz is also a good stone to carry when you're feeling ungrounded, overtired, or stressed out.

If, like me, your idea of grounding is to have your feet firmly planted two feet above the earth, smoky quartz is your stone.

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