Gems and Their Gifts to Us

Amazonite (blue-green): Calms mental and emotional chaos by helping one to blend facts with intuitive wisdom. Assists in courage of personal expression.

Amber: The "Happy" stone. Relieves depression. Rough stone unpolished.

Amethyst: Opens intuitive and psychic abilities. For overstress, overwork, overwhelm; helpful for addictions and nightmares; calms the mind, enabling us to know the peace which lies beyond constant mental activity; helps one accept the passage of death.

Ametrine (yellow-purple) This stone is a mixture of amethyst and citrine, and helps us to combine our personal will with a deeper spirituality.

Angelite: (medium blue) Helps us to communicate with angels, spirit animals, and in distant communication. This stone also helps to heal anger.

Aqua Aura: Assists in self-expression through service to others (jewelry only).

Aquamarine: (light blue-green) Meaning sea water, this stone allows us to safely navigate the sea of infinite wisdom, and to land safely and communicate what we've learned.

Aragonite (honey): Helps to stabilize the emotions, especially good when one feels overwhelmed by responsibilities. Also helpful in calming the mind for meditation.

Aventurine (green): Considered by many to be the best all-purpose healing stone, it is especially good for soothing the heart and emotions and for creating a feeling of balance and well-being.

Azurite (dark blue): Helps us let go of old beliefs which cause physical and mental pain. Brings our subconscious thoughts into conscious awareness so that we can examine and, if necessary, change these thought patterns.

Bloodstone (green and red): Calms the mind in tense or threatening situations. Physically, is believed to detoxify the blood.

Blue Lace Agate (light blue with white streaks): Helps us to express our views in a peaceful, loving manner.

Blue Topaz (light blue-green): it enables us to communicate powerfully what we are feeling. It is considered to be especially valuable for artists.


Clear Calcite: Brings spiritual understanding to problems on the earth plane.

Green Calcite Eases old, limiting beliefs (especially those based on fear) from the mind so that new ideas can flourish.

Golden Calcite Its particular role is integrate new energies and beliefs into one's physical reality, i.e., daily life, relationships, business.

Pink Calcite Combines the attributes of rose quartz and pink tourmaline, blending unconditional self-love with the ability to love others.

Carnelian (orange-red): Grounds energy and attention into the present, thus teaching us to focus and manifest personal power. Assists in decision making.

Celestite (sky-blue): Helps us to experience peace and serenity, especially in our communications.

Charoite (dark purple): Helps us to handle known fears and brings unknown fears to the surface for healing.

Chrysanthemum Stone (black and white): Named for its resemblance to a flower, this crystal encourages the flowering of spiritual growth, supporting change which occurs in a harmonious way.

Chrysocolla (blue and green pattern): Creates a feeling of peace and balance; gives comfort to the heart and mind, and self-confidence in personal expression.

Chrysoprase: Helps to lift the emotions, and release tension and stress. It can also help with success in new enterprises.

Citrine (yellow): Helps one to manifest personal power, strengthens will, aids us in processing life's experiences and discarding that which is only hindering progress.

Clear Quartz: Mirror of the soul, representing our uniqueness and our journey towards clarity; an excellent stone for meditation. In combination with other stones, enhances their energy. Stores, amplifies, transforms, and focuses energy. Natural crystal point.

Danburite: (clear) This crystal activates the third eye and crown chakras, and can also blend the energies of the heart chakras with those of the third eye and crown by helping to release emotional pain through the light of understanding. It is recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual appreciation and growth.

Fluorite (Green): Fluorite is a mental stone which helps to release persistent and unwanted patterns of thought. Green fluorite is particularly helpful with thought patterns which have lodged in the emotional body, such as anxiety and worry.

Garnet (red): Calms anger by teaching us to know ourselves and others. Teaches patience and perseverance in the pursuit of goals.

Hematite (silver-gray): Helps us to separate our emotions from those of others. A grounding stone which helps with self-esteem.

Herkimer Diamond: A form of clear quartz which helps to relieve emotional tension and intensifies dreams.

Jasper (red): Helps to stabilize all aspects of the being; a stress-reliever which connects us to our inner strength and flow.

Kyanite (denim blue color): A mentally and emotionally calming stone which helps to release worry. It also brings beliefs previously accepted as fact to the surface for release.

Labradorite/Spectrolite (iridescent blue-green-silver): Teaches the wise use of psychic powers.

Lapis: Penetrates through pyschic blockages to reveal inner truth.

Lepidolite (silvery lavender with flecks of mica) This stone helps cushion one against conditions which have been known to fray many nerves. If you don't live in New York, but are undergoing severe stress for any reason this is a stone to consider.

Malachite: (green with black patterns) Helps to clear repressed emotions; balances left/right brains; for creativity and change.

Malachite/Azurite: Calms the anxiety which may accompany physical disease so that healing can take place (jewelry only).

Malachite-Chrysocolla: Blends the energies of earth, sky and water. Malachite's ability to stimulate creativity harmonizes with chrysocolla's calming and peaceful energy.

Moldavite (translucent bottle green): E.T., call home. This is the crystal from outer space, which helps to release beliefs, habits, and other unneeded early luggage.

Moonstone (ranges from cream to peach): For those who feel overwhelmed by their emotions, it helps to create emotional balance by harmonizing feelings with the higher self; for those out of touch with their feelings it brings them into awareness.

Moss Agate (clear with green pattern): Assists in creating peace of mind so that reason and intuition can be blended.

Obsidian (black): A stern taskmaster which makes its users face responsibility, the close friend who tells us the truth we may not want to hear.

Onyx Helps in emotional stability and determination; helps to release old relationships.

Opal (white with iridescent rainbow flashes): Magnifies and clarifies emotional states; brings suppressed feelings to the surface.

Peridot (chartreuse): Heals hurt feelings and bruised egos; releases emotional tension when placed on the solar plexus. Rough stone unpolished.

Picasso Jasper (cream with gray, black, and other colors) Helps to ease one through emotional and/or blockages that may stand in the way of transformation.

Pyrite (gold): A mental stone which opens the mind to new ideas by balancing the ability to think intuitively with the ability to bring a dream to realization.

Rhodochrosite (coral-pink): Relieves anxiety; assists us in correct (diaphragmatic breathing) when placed on the solar plexus.

Rhodonite (deep pink with black pattern): For being patient and loving with those you encounter in your day-to-day life without allowing yourself to be pushed around.

Rose Quartz: Teaches us to love ourselves, thus opening us up to universal love; heals emotional wounds and gives comfort; helps us to overcome grief.

Ruby: (pink-red/silver) Traditionally associated with passion, both sexually and emotionally; brings negative feelings to the surface; teaches us to be realistic about goals.

Ruby in Zoisite: (dark green-red) This crystal puts ruby's passionate energy into the stabilizing ground of zoisite. It helps us to manifest our dreams.

Rutilated Quartz (smoky or clear quartz with golden needles of rutile): Helps to activate the will to the highest purpose, and to release energy blockages, especially those due to low self-esteem or to the excessive use of personal power.

Selenite wands (clear): This crystal helps us to consciously understand our own deepest inner nature.

Selenite rosettes (tan): These rose-shaped crystals help us to ground the energies of truth and love

Snowflake Obsidian (black-and-white snowflake pattern) Snowflake obsidian, like black obsidian, is a truth-telling stone, but transmits the truth in a more gentle manner.

Sodalite (dark blue with black and white pattern): Clears the mind of emotional confusion so that rational thinking can occur; very good for people who tend to be reactive and oversensitive.

Sugilite (magenta): Helps release anger, guilt, and resentment; puts us in touch with our inner source of strength and light.

Smoky Quartz (transparent light brown): For discouragement and depression; helps to process our negative beliefs and gives the courage and confidence to make the changes we need. When rutilated, accelerates rate of change.

Tiger's Eye (brown with gold flash): Teaches patience, focus, and concentration; helps us develop the will to materialize our dreams.


Blue Topaz (light blue-green): it enables us to communicate powerfully what we are feeling. It is considered to be especially valuable for artists.

Golden Topaz (golden): This crystal helps us to balance our energies and also lends a quality of inspiration and confidence to our lives.


Black tourmaline's particular function is to repel negative energy, whether from external or internal sources.It is a very good stone to carry when you're experiencing any kind of stress.

Green tourmaline is believed to be a healer on all level. It is also believed to be particularly helpful for creativity and abundance.

Pink tourmaline helps to transform unconditional self-love into love for others.

Watermelon Tourmaline is a mixture of green and pink tourmaline, and blends the energies of these two stones, healing the heart of emotional wounds and enabling it to give love.

Turquoise: Helps to make our desires clear to us, and assists us in expressing them to others who may be able to help us materialize them.

Unakite (olive green/coral): Has a balancing and stabilizing effect. Helps us to discover the roots of illness.

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