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Protecting Us From Ourselves

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When I was first selling crystals, I became used to people who wandered into my store in a spirit of curiosity masked as skepticism.

I particularly remember the skeptic who said, "I don't believe crystals do anything." Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a hematite. "This is my worry stone," he said, rubbing it fondly before putting it away.

The ancient Egyptians also liked hematite as a calming stone. According to crystal lore, they used it as a calming agent in cases of hysteria. They also carved hematite into amulets and used it as an inscription stone for parts of the Book of the Dead.

When polished, hematite has such a high sheen that long ago it was used as mirrors. Its content is iron oxide (the source of its redness in powdered form). Because iron was traditionally associated with Mars, the Roman god of war, warriors used to rub their bodies with it before battle in the belief that it would protect them.

Hematite can be protective, though perhaps not in the way the ancient Romans imagined.

Solid Ground

I used to wish someone would invent shoelaces coated with hematite or some other footwear device that would employ this stone's grounding qualities. Carrying or wearing it is the only known substitute for this as-yet uninvented innovation.

"Grounding" is a word used a lot, and everyone may have their own meaning for it. To me, it means being comfortable in one's body and in physical existence.

Discomfort in physicality can be expressed in a number of ways. An immediate and dramatic example (occurring as I write this) is the fear people feel during a thunderstorm. The flashes of light and ominous rumbles can make the world feel like a scary place.

Because we humans distance ourselves from nature's energy, its intensification, we experience it as unreliable, threatening, and hostile. When we can't control it for our convenience (as in power failures), we get angry and alarmed. Our physical bodies, which sometimes experience illness and pain, may seem equally unreliable.

We understand that an electrical appliance that isn't plugged in won't work, and we realize the importance of grounding certain electrical devices. Our relationship to the physical world also relies on grounding in order for us to be connected to earth energy.

Hematite, in my experience, is one of the best crystals to use for the purpose of grounding. If you are feeling uncertain, anxious, or unhappy, the ultimate cause of your distress may be a disconnection from the physical plane. While there are many ways to reconnect, an immediate way may be to pick up some hematite. Spheres and eggs are especially comforting, but a tumbled stone will do.

Hold the stone in your hand, and rub it slowly. Focus your attention on the smooth feeling of its surface. Hold and rub it until you're feeling more calm.

Because of its grounding qualities, hematite is especially helpful in meditation. I like to place a tumbled stone near each foot. This placement gives it an anchoring property, and in coming out of a deep meditation, focusing on the feet and hematite can ease the transition back to the earth plane.

This may be why crystal healers and practitioners often recommend it for astral projection, not for the launch, but for the landing. On the physical plane, it is also recommended for helping with jet lag.

Territorial Protection

For other animals, being in physical existence means defining and protecting their territorial space. Having a space defined as one's own is equally important for humans. Siblings who share a room may set physical boundaries. People living in apartment may take action against those whose noise invades their space. We may all get annoyed when someone stands too close to us in conversation, touches us without permission, or picks up things on our desks.

Emotional invasion usually accompanies physical invasion, but can also exist without it, and, just as there are degrees of physical intrusion, emotional trespassing also has degrees.

At the extreme end of the scale are emotional vampires, those who insist on telling everyone of their problems and who often to seem to suck not only your blood but the oxygen in a room. This kind of situation is probably beyond the reach of hematite. I recommend escape, when possible.

At the opposite end of the scale are people who are highly attuned psychically and who pick up emotional impressions, whether or not someone else is deliberately projecting them. Hematite and certain flower essences, such as Yarrow (FES), may be helpful in such instances.

In the middle of the spectrum we find people bothered by the problems of those for whom they care. Your mother, a widow of a few years, is very lonely. A close friend is having major job difficulties. Your spouse is depressed.

In some cases, they may be reminding you on a regular basis about their unhappiness. Children are especially talented at this. In many cases, though, knowing that they're unhappy is enough to make you unhappy. You've absorbed their emotions. Since your unhappy relative/spouse/friend needs your positive, not your negative energy, you can't help anyone until you help yourself.

Hematite is very helpful for people who have difficulty in preventing themselves from absorbing the emotions of others. Those who have strong representations of Cancer and Pisces in their astrological charts are particularly likely to be emotional sponges, but others may also be vulnerable to this.

When we take on someone else's mood it's almost as if we've surrendered our will to that of someone else. Hematite, as a power stone whose purpose is to deepen the connection between spirit and body, helps us to keep our sense of self and sense of purpose firm. Its reflective quality symbolizes its ability to help deflect the emotions of others.

This is what our skeptical friend unconsciously knew. He may have called it a worry stone; we call it one of protection, and a very good one to keep around at all times.

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