Developing Intuition: Introduction

At Beyond the Rainbow, we often receive emails from people want to develop the untapped (or insufficiently tapped) resources of the right sides of their brains.

They want to:

Because it's not possible to give lengthy individual answers to these questions, I've decided to devote a number of issues of Living with Crystals to this subject. This article will introduce the subject, and following articles will focus on particular aspects of developing intuition.

A Brain Review: In Brief

The left side of the brain is related to reason and logic and represents that part of us that demands proof and evidence. People who are principally left-brained like order and structure. They prefer nonfiction to fiction or fantasy. They don't like their minds to wander. They may have difficult with spatial relationships (seeing the whole picture) and prefer verbal directions to maps. They make lists and are generally on time for appointments.

The right side of the brain relates to imagination, intuition, non-detailed awareness, and spontaneity. People who are principally right-brained enjoy using their imagination. They may grasp a big picture without being able to explain or reproduce how they came to their conclusions. They make lists only when forced to, and promptness is not one of their virtues.

Neither side of the brain is better than the other. Although there's a natural tendency for some degree of dominance of either side (left-handed people tend to be more right-brained), the optimal state is one of relative balance.

An Example of Balance

I have studied Bach Flower Remedies since 1990. Initially, I employed the left-brain functions of memorization and logic. However, once I felt thoroughly grounded in the logic of the Remedies, I used this familiarity as a foundation to get creative.

Sometimes I thought of a Remedy that felt right for a client, even though I couldn't immediately come up with a logical reason for this choice. My intuition usually led me to a nontraditional interpretation of the Remedy's purpose.

At other times, I would feel that, despite a client's stated problems, something deeper was at work. I have been right often enough to trust these intuitions.

Thus, in my Bach Flower Remedy work, the left and right sides of my brain often end up working together.

Civilization and its Imbalances

An increasing focus on the left side of the brain through emphasis on organized religion and science has led humanity into the adoption of the beliefs that universal intelligence speaks only through a chosen few and that what cannot be measured doesn't. It has led us away from attunement with intuition and our inner guidance.

The right brain continues to communicate to us, but many have stopped listening. To the extent that people block its messages, they may have feelings of unease, experience headaches or nightmares, or have fears that seem to have no basis. These are all distortions of an energy that is intended to guide us.

This is why so many people write to us about this subject. They want to be back in balance.

What Stops Us?

The following articles in this series will cover these topics:

Suppressing Feelings

Our feelings are the basic medium through which intuition flows. We inherently know which choices feel good and which ones don't feel good. When we listen to how we feel, we will find ourselves on the life path that suits our unique nature.

When we listen to what others tell us, we lose our inner guidance. Then we have to find our way back.

We lose this guidance in a number of ways.

Childhood Training

You may have noticed how very young children let their intuition and creativity flourish. In part, this is because they haven't yet been exposed to the barrage of facts they will be expected to absorb in school. Another reason is that their parents and other significant adults haven't told them they're silly.

It takes a while to learn that imaginary friends are prohibited, that fairies aren't hiding in the bushes, or that truth is limited to the physical world. When we seek to regain our innate intuitive gifts, we must learn to also regain the playful spirit of children.

We have to learn not to flinch or feel badly about ourselves if someone tells us we're New Age flakes or candidates for the mental ward. Inner guidance needs to be more important to us than the opinions of others. It's certainly more rewarding.


Anxiety about others' opinions isn't the only kind of fear that can surround the subject of developing and expressing one's intuition.

If your mother told you, day after day, not to go into the woods down the street because they were dangerous, you would probably stay out of them. The idea of exploring areas of consciousness declared dangerous may be equally frightening.

Many of us get a taste of these unfamiliar realms through nightmares. We may half-knowingly believe that because the world of intuition is unbounded by the laws of logic and reason, we are as much at its mercy as we seem to be when in the grip of powerful nightmares.

I feel that nightmares occur precisely because people don't deliberately access their intuition and inner knowing. For those who judge and/or repress their emotions, nightmares are the inner being's way of letting off emotional steam.

Lack of Trust in Oneself

Some people think they can't be creative, and others fear that the road to their psychic domains is either washed out or unmarked. This, too, is a residue of childhood conditioning. If you're told that certain feelings and emotions are bad, you lose the opportunity to learn about yourself from them.

Working on one's overall self-esteem can increase confidence in these areas.

The Unwise Use of Intuition

Another reason for suppressing one's intuition is the fear that it's a dangerous force that could be used unwisely. Working consciously and deliberately with one's intuition can make you more comfortable with it.

Following sections will go expand on the above subjects.

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