lepidolite pyramid Lepidolite:
The Stabilizer

The person who first introduced me to lepidolite said it was called the "New York City stone" in tribute to its abilities to help alleviate the stresses of living there.

It might just as well be called the London stone, or the Hong Kong stone, I suppose, although part of my loyalty to my former home includes the conviction that nowhere else do people walk and drive so fast, push so much, and that no other city on earth offers as many psychic and energetic challenges.

I made much use of lepidolite while I lived in New York, and now that my visits there are infrequent I find the stone even more helpful for its ability to help generate a feeling of inner stability despite outer chaos.

You don't have to be a city dweller, though, to benefit from lepidolite. Many people report that this stone helps to cause the mental relaxation necessary for peaceful sleep. Place a lepidolite beneath your pillow or hold it as you go to sleep and see what happens.

Heart and Mind

Technically lepidolite isn't a gemstone but a form of mica. Like kunzite, lepidolite is a lavender-pink tone. This hue blends the traditional colors for the heart and mind. In any situation in which one's reasoning mind and one's emotions are in conflict, it could be helpful to meditate with lepidolite on both the heart and third-eye, and to pass a quartz crystal from one point to the other.

Lepidolite's assistance in blending emotional and mental energies relate to its usefulness in helping people feel stable and grounded while they are going through transitions. So often, when we are contemplating significant change, the heart, intuitively connected to one's deepest desires and knowing, says yes. The mind, however, filled with all the cautions and warnings of the past, instructs us that change is dangerous, and if we're afraid, we should be.

Lepidolite helps balance the heart and mind so that they can respond in harmony. With this stone's assistance, we may not dash out wildly to meet the future. We may instead take comfortable steps, stopping to revitalize our commitment for the next forward movement. What matters is not how fast we move but that we do.

Finding Blockages

Sometimes our ability to move at all is limited because our resistance to change becomes lodged in the body. We can use lepidolite to prepare the way for transitions by allowing it to help in releasing energy blockages.

If you are already feeling stress or tension in a particular area of your body, place lepidolite there. Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine the energy of the stone sinking into your body and releasing all sensations of tightness. Also visualize healing energy rebalancing the area.

If you are not feeling anything special physically and therefore aren't certain where in your body resistance and anxiety might be lodged, test each chakra individually. If the corresponding area of the body feels neutral, i.e., you place lepidolite on the solar plexus and you feel no physical response, move on to another chakra.

Another way to zero in on what's needed is to run a test on yourself, with phrases like this:

When I think about doing _________, I feel ____________.

Maybe you feel anxious. Tune into the feeling and see where in your body the feeling echoes. Maybe your throat tightens, and your mouth feels dry. Place lepidolite against your throat and meditate. As you meditate, imagine yourself making one small step towards your goal or dream. Visualize it until you no longer feel anxious. Then, if you feel ready, go on to imagine the next small step.

This may take more than one round of meditation. You can also build a pathway for change by placing lepidolite beneath your pillow or by holding it while you sleep.

The soothing energy of lepidolite can be especially helpful for children who are recovering from trauma or any kind of significant change. Again, I would recommend that they sleep with a lepidolite nearby. You can get additional benefits if amethyst is added. (This information in no way is intended to replace the advice of a medical or therapeutic professional.)

Whether you call it the New York City stone or the stability stone, lepidolite is well worth having for the transitions that make up much of life.

Where the Stone is Found: Czech Republic, the Russian Ural mountains, Italy, Canada, Madagascar, Australia, USA, Finland, and Norway.

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