Luck, Fortune, And Crystals

Now that I've been working with, teaching about, and selling crystals since 1987, I've been thinking of the most common questions people have asked about crystals. One of them is, "Which crystal is the one for good luck?"

I was surprised to realize I hadn't been asked that question in a long time. Out of curiosity, I searched on the Internet, using the keywords, "crystals good luck," and I found a number of sites that claimed to sell good luck crystals. Because of the prevalence of these sites, I've decided it might be a good idea to explain why I don't sell crystals for good luck.

The short answer is that, while I believe that holding, meditating with, and keeping crystals near you can have a variety of positive effects, I don't believe in good (or bad) luck. The long answer follows.

Luck and the Law of Attraction

When we believe in luck, we believe that the distribution of life's gifts, whether material or spiritual, is based on chance, an accidental and arbitrary unfolding of events in which some people come up with winning numbers, while the rest lose. When life looks this way, elements such as free will, choice, determination, and focus have neither point nor purpose. What will be will be, regardless of our best efforts to transform our world and ourselves. All we can do is hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

I hold a different viewpoint: that what happens to us is determined by the thoughts and emotions we most consistently think and feel. If we think about good health and believe we can or do have it, we will. If we want good health but think of many reasons why we won't have it, it's likely that we won't. This principle is now commonly known as the Law of Attraction.

Though it's based on thoughts and emotions, the moving energy is that of vibrations. Every thought and emotion has a vibration that attracts like vibrations. The more intensely we generate these vibrations, the more we draw that kind of energy to us.

This belief has the potential to empower us and put us in charge of our lives. It is, however, opposed to the belief in the randomness of events. This can create problems.

In no way do I like all the things I've created in my life. When I've been careless in my reactions and when I've allowed habitual patterns of thought and emotion to take command, I've attracted circumstances and events that no self-respecting human being would wish to be accused of creating. At such moments, it's far more comforting to imagine that somewhere a wheel of fortune slowly turns, rarely, if ever, stopping at my number.

Lady Luck

Envisioning this wheel of fortune, I realized that luck and fortune have historically been given female characteristics. The medieval philosopher railing against the heartlessness of Dame Fortune and the gambler singing, "Luck, be a lady tonight" agree that life seems fickle, changeable, inconsistent, and indifferent to the plans of the orderly mind or the well-organized life. These prejudices have also traditionally been held about women.

When positively viewed, this quality of bypassing the rules and regulations of logic and reason is called intuition, the knowing of things without conscious reasoning. Intuition is powerful because it's connected to our deepest sense of knowing, to the eternal part of ourselves that doesn't sense the limitations we've told ourselves we have. It doesn't hear the habitual voices that tell us why we can't. Intuition tells us why and how we can.

When we follow our intuition, our confidence generates positive energy that attracts our dreams to us. Intuition generates the kind of decision-making that can't be explained in retrospect, and people who consistently follow their intuition often seem lucky.

They're not, though; they're just in their right minds (or brains).

Intuitive Crystals

With that in mind, I recommend some crystals which, while not necessarily lucky, help to develop balance between both sides of the brain, so that intuition has a chance to come out and play.


Right-left brain imbalances get aggravated when mental and emotional confusion short-circuit the natural connections between the two brains. This is where sodalite becomes helpful.

This stone is especially valuable for those who find themselves in states of mental confusion, especially when these states are intensified by emotional turmoil. Very often, when our emotions are whirling about in our heads we are tempted to seize at any decision which seems to promise that it will reduce our distress. Sodalite helps us to resist such temptation.

Tabular and Double-terminated Crystals

A tabular crystal is flat in appearance, with two opposing sides being much wider than the other four. (They are sometimes also double-terminated). Their ability is that of connection and balance.

In a crystal layout they can be used to blend energies between two chakras. For example, if you feel something deeply but can't seem to express it you might place a tabular crystal between the heart and throat chakras.

When you are leaving one stage of your life and apprehensive about taking the steps that will lead you to a new phase tabular crystals can act as bridges. Keep one with you, meditate with it, and program it for a smooth transition.

A double-terminated crystal has a point at each end. They can be used as tools for balancing energy in the way that tabulars are, and they have some additional meanings and functions. Their points are generally believed to symbolize the balance of spirit and matter, to teach us that we can be balanced in our expression of both qualities, and that all opposites or seeming conflicts can meet in the center. _

Postscript: You might still want to know what the lucky crystal is. According to many sources, it's aventurine, whose name comes from the Italian a ventura, meaning "by chance."

Does it work? One of my employees bought an aventurine at my store and programmed it for winning an apartment a radio show was giving away. She meditated every night with the stone. She worked on visualizing the apartment as hers until she could do so without any interference from limiting beliefs. She carried the crystal with her every day.

She won. Was it because she had the stone or because of the focused thought and emotion she brought to her project? You decide.

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