The Pink Stones:
Love's Essence

While the heart is not geographically in the center of the human body, it is roughly in the center of the torso. Located between the three lower and three upper chakras, the heart chakra is an emotional and energetic center, blending the energies of physical, emotional, and personal power connections with the interpersonal, mental, and spiritual energies of the upper chakras.

When the heart chakra is open, we have a natural flow between the lower and upper chakras. This keeps us from becoming either fixated on physical existence as the only reality or from wishing we were anywhere but in our bodies. Instead, we live in the awareness that ultimately physical and spiritual energies are one.

The heart also balances the polarities of masculine and feminine we experience within ourselves. It teaches us how to add the element of compassion to our exercise of will, how to balance aggression and receptivity, how to be both firm and nurturing, and to identify our own needs with those of others.

With a balanced fourth chakra, we learn to experience the peace which rises from self acceptance, the inner harmony which stems from self love.

The Colors of the Heart

Even the colors traditionally associated with the heart center reflect polarity. Green (the subject of an upcoming article) reflects physical health. Pink, a variant of red, which is green's opposite (complementary) color, stands for the emotional well-being and love of self and others that many consider to be necessary for physical well being.

There will be an article about the green stones in the future. In this article, I cover the pink stones.

Rose Quartz:
The Heart of Love

This is probably the most fundamental of the heart crystals, for it addresses the most elementary obstacle to the flow of love: the inability or limiting of the ability to feel love for oneself.

This limitation or inability usually comes about because we've been taught that love is meant to be conditional. If we are good (according to the standards of whoever is handing out love) we will receive love. If we're not, we're out of luck. Since we're also taught the love that counts is what we get from others, we may not learn that love is simply an energy that flows through and nurtures us to the degree that we let it in.

Rose quartz can help us to remove the obstacles to love's natural flow. I often experience its energy as water-like and in many ways similar to the Bach Flower Remedy, Rock Water. Rock Water comes from holy wells whose waters are considered to be healing, and its particular characteristic is to relax the rigidities of those who follow certain very strict disciplines in order to regard themselves as "good" people. This model represents an extreme of a person who looks outward for love and approval.

In a similar way, rose quartz generates a flowing energy that not only relaxes the standards by which we hope to receive love and approval from others, but further heals us by helping to soothe the numberless hurts of rejection and withheld love we hold in our hearts (emotionally and sometimes physically speaking).

This crystal, while good for everyone who needs to learn to love themselves, is especially valuable for children and adolescents who may have lost their innate connection to unconditional love. It is also very helpful for babies and younger children who still maintain that connection, for its energies help them to anchor it.

I also recommend sleeping with rose quartz beneath your pillow. Sometimes the pain of the past comes up in dreams. You can more readily handle this if you affirm before you go to sleep that you are ready to release all previous pain.

For Loving Choices

Rose quartz can help to connect us to the essential flow of love's energy, and self-love is essential in helping us relate lovingly to others. Kunzite, a combination of pink and lavender, helps to blend the wisdom of heart and mind in decision making. This crystal reminds us that if we don't fulfill ourselves through our choices, we are unlikely to fulfill anyone else.

The person who leaves all of his desires unsatisfied in order to meet the demands of others can benefit from kunzite, as can the person who believes in suppressing her feelings in case they might hurt others. It tells us that there are times when anger may be a loving response, and that sometimes to not express it is an act of unkindness. It tells us when saying no is a loving choice. It helps us to set wise boundaries.

Thus it can be a stone of balance, moderating the passionate heart energy to produce a state of emotional calmness, security, and maturity.

Love's Essence

Rhodonite, a pink stone with black streaks, has a grounding effect on source energy as it flows through the heart chakra.

This grounding especially expresses itself in the form of patience. Patience is one of the factors that allows love to flow in a steady and consistent way.

It's not just listening to your child sing a favorite nursery rhyme many, many times without screaming, recognizing that puppies don't always immediately learn about being housebroken, or allowing your spouse or partner to express his/her point of view without interruption. While these are all desirable ways of practicing love, sometimes impatience seems to be lurking right around the corner, waiting for one's vigilance against it to relax.

In its most all-encompassing form, patience extends to everyone we meet (or don't), the bank tellers or postal clerks who seem to regard long lines as accomplishments, the unknown individuals who cause you to be on hold for an eternity, and the cook is taking so long to make your dinner that (s)he must be gathering the ingredients in some distant field. It also means that the thought of impatience, if it enters your awareness, leaves more quietly than it arrives.

I don't guarantee that rhodonite will instantly mellow you out to a state of complete patience and understanding, but it can help. This is one of the best stones to keep around at all times. I recommend carrying one wherever you go; you never know when you'll be standing in a line or waiting for a show to begin.

eep it by your telephone, too. It takes up very little space, and may prevent wear and tear on your nervous system.

Pink Calcite:
In the Flow

In general, the different colored crystals of the calcite family help us to have a new perspective on issues, in essence, to see them from a different plane of reality. The particular benefits tend to be related to the chakra color.

Pink calcite helps us to experience love from a new perspective. So often, we practice patterns of behavior we think will bring love into our lives, even when they don't work. We think if we keep on practicing, we're bound to get it right.

Often, we're not seeing the many subtle ways in which these behavior patterns enable us to resist the experience of love. As long as we think we have to do something in order to experience love, we're making love conditional. Unconditional love occurs when we stop doing and start allowing love to flow.

Pink calcite helps us to see that the experience and expression of love is entirely natural and helps us to relax into its flow. This crystal assists both in terms of self love and love for others. It is considered to be a good stone both to carry and to wear, so that it can gradually help to release and relax our conditions in the area of love.

The Stabilizer

People usually feel physical and emotional stress in the most vulnerable parts of their bodies/psyches. For example, if your stress causer is feeling unsupported by physical existence (not having enough money, having an uncertain living situation), you may express your emotional state through pain in the lower back area. If you feel powerless in your work situation, you may develop a digestive disorder.

The heart is one of the most common areas for stress to express itself. Because heart energies are all about balance, any imbalance may have affect this chakra or its physical counterpart. Because the heart is also about emotional openness and generosity, any threat to well-being will equally affect it.

While all of the crystals I've described so far help to balance the heart energies, lepidolite has the particular gift of helping to deflect and neutralize externally caused stress. I first knew it as the "New York City stone" in tribute to its abilities to help alleviate the stresses of living there. I made much use of it while I lived in this city, and now that my visits there are infrequent, I find the stone even more helpful for its ability to help generate a feeling of inner stability despite outer chaos.

This crystal also helps one to feel stable and grounded in the course of any stressful situation, such as that of going through transitions. It helps people to reorganize their old ways of thinking and acting so that they can meet the challenge of change.

Much of our resistance to change becomes lodged in the body, and one way to use lepidolite for aiding in transitions is to place it on different areas of the body in order to release energy blockages and tension.

Lepidolite is itself a transition stone in that its color, a pinkish lavender, relates to both the heart and third-eye chakras. Thus, in a situation in which one's reasoning mind and one's emotions are in conflict, it could be helpful to meditate with lepidolite on both the heart and third-eye, and to pass a quartz crystal from one point to the other.

Whether you call it the New York City stone or the stability stone, lepidolite is well worth having.

Heart and Soul

In its purest sense the heart chakra is the vehicle through which universal love energy flows, and all of the heart stones help to both clear up blockages that prevent this flow and heighten our appreciation of the power of love.

Morganite particularly focuses on the pure spiritual essence of love and helps us to express it as spiritual beings living in a physical universe.

All too often, we choose material success and feelings of self-importance because we've lost our connection to the deeper satisfactions of experiencing the flow of unconditional loveÑfor both ourselves and others. Morganite helps us to refocus on these deeper joys, turning our attention to the joy of exploring our spiritual natures and enjoying the feelings that arise from such experiences.

In many ways, morganite helps us to reach the culmination of the heart journey begun by rose quartz. From learning to fully appreciate ourselves we evolve to becoming beings who are pure channels for a love which embraces all of life.

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