How to Choose Crystals:

(Note: The first part of this article described how you can choose crystals with either logical or intuitive methods-or a combination of both. This article focuses on narrowing down your list.

You've made your list, and it's a long one. There's no limit to the number of crystals you can have (or if there is, I haven't yet discovered it). However, for the beginner, it may be wise to start slowly. When you work with a crystal, you do more than work with an energy that's for prosperity or balance, you are also in relationship with a particular entity. I have several quartz points, and each has its unique qualities.

I recommend that when you're first starting to work with crystals, don't try to work with too many at once. Choose the ones that will help you with your most passionate dream or more urgent issue. This calls for prioritizing.

Ask yourself the following questions.

If you're working with issues:

  1. Which issues are the most habitual?
  2. Which occur only occasionally?
  3. Which are the most pressing?
  4. Which do I feel most ready to handle?

Of all these, the last is probably the most important. If you think, "I know I worry a lot, but I can't imagine not doing it," this issue may be difficult to release. If you describe an issue this way: "I'm ready to deal with impatience. I don't like how it makes me feel. I really want to be able to help people and accept them at whatever rate they're able to learn," you have discovered an area in which you can make progress.

Another benefit of taking on an issue where you feel a strong desire to change is that, once you've handled it successfully, you'll have more confidence in tackling a bigger issue. It's like exercise. You don't immediately run on a treadmill at high speed on a steep incline for half an hour. You build up to it.

With this in mind, look over your list, identify the key issues, and find the crystals that will be most appropriate for them. Over time add more to your collection.

A Crystal Starter Kit

Many people who are new to crystals ask me which ones are essential when you're first starting to work with them. This is what I tell them.

Chakra Crystals

I recommend having one crystal for each chakra, or a total of seven. When you have these, you can do chakra balancing meditations, which are an excellent way to absorb crystals' energy.

The Living with Crystals section of Beyond the Rainbow describes the crystals for each chakra in detail. At you will find articles about individual chakras. You can read about each related crystal.

If, for example, you're looking for a second-chakra crystal, consider your specific needs. Does your life feel dull and colorless? Your best choice may be ruby. In contrast, perhaps your life feels chaotic and out of control. Red jasper may be the crystal for you. If the issue of decision-making plagues you, consider carnelian.

The above would be the logical method of choosing. You might also, as I describe in Part I of this article, find yourself intuitively drawn to a certain crystal. Maybe you saw someone wearing a pendant with a faceted garnet. The color drew you to it, and you've been thinking about it ever since.


I also recommend having more than one quartz crystal. You can place one on the seventh chakra area. Quartz, though, has many other uses.

  1. You can hold a quartz crystal and rotate it over the chakras.
  2. You can use quartz points to activate other crystals. If, for example, you are giving special attention to the heart chakra, you might want to place four quartz points in a cross formation around a rose quartz.
  3. Quartz points are the best all-purpose crystals for programming. You can read more about programming at
  4. Quartz crystal can be used to soften the impact of stones like obsidian and lapis.
  5. A quartz cluster can be used to charge other crystals.

Other Essential Crystals

I base these selections both on my own preferences and on their general popularity among our customers.


This crystal can be used for creating abundance, self-esteem, and a sense of personal power. I recommend it primarily because in my consultations and other work, I have found that these issues are common to most people. This stone relates to the third chakra, so you can choose it as one of your chakra crystals.

Rose Quartz

Love is another primary issue for most people, and rose quartz helps to create a sense of self-love. Rose quartz relates to the third chakra, so, like citrine, it can be one of your chakra crystals.


This crystal is excellent for meditation. For example, you could hold a quartz crystal in one hand and an amethyst in the other. You can also meditate with amethyst alone to deepen your sense of connection to infinite love and wisdom. As amethyst is a sixth-chakra crystal, you can choose it as one of your chakra stones.

Just for Fun

I also suggest that you make at least one intuitive choice. You may be attracted to the shape of pyrite or the idea of a crystal ball carved from whatever stone calls you. Whatever crystal you choose, it is certain to guide you in your crystal explorations.

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