You and Your Crystals:
Partners in Creation

(This is an expanded section of the pamphlet, "Now That I Have My Crystals How Do I Use Them?)

One word which appears in most books about crystals is "programming." The term refers to charging a crystal with your intentions and goals.

The danger in the word is that it can give people the idea that a crystal is a mechanical object to which you do a mechanical thing. When I ask a crystal to help me with something I feel as I'm entering into a relationship with a being which has its own intelligence and consciousness. I'm asking it to become my partner in creation.

High Energy

In programming we put the energy of chosen thoughts and feelings into the energy pattern of a crystal.

Modern physicists now recognize that both thoughts and matter are made up of energy particles. Thought vibrates at a high and light rate of speed. Matter vibrates in a slow, dense manner.

The energy pattern of humans tends to be erratic and sometimes scattered. You'll notice this pattern if you drink one more cup of coffee than was good for your nervous system or if you hear a car backfire. And because we're so fascinated by our thoughts we often jump from one to the next with complete disregard for order (which is why it can take me days or weeks to write one article).

Crystals have orderly and symmetrical molecular structures; thus they radiate energy in a consistent and steady manner. This is one of the reasons we're attracted to them. Their energy helps to smooth out our own. Many people who were previously unable to meditate find that laying crystals on or around them induces mental quiet.

Crystals' orderly energy pattern is also why we can work with them to realize our dreams. Once we've programmed them they will radiate the energy of our intention until we program them for something else.

I emphasize the phrase, "Once we've programmed them." The crystal knows what to do. It will intensify and radiate whatever we give to it. The most important part of programming is the intentions we give to it. This brings us to the subject of affirmations.

To Make Firm

That's what "affirmation" means. Another way of saying this is that through the process of affirmation our thoughts become physical reality.

The particular energetic form of our thoughts attracts energy of a similar quality. For example, once I got interested in metaphysics I began to meet more and more people who were also interested. My concentration on the subject was a particular vibration which attracted like-minded people. Sometimes when I'm surfing on the Web I think about what I want to find, and through a series of "random" links what I'm looking for appears.

Working consciously with affirmations can be powerful. So can working unconsciously with them, although the results may be somewhat depressing.

We've been giving ourselves affirmations all our lives on an unconscious level. Many of them were instructions we heard as children, like, "Life is nothing but suffering, "It's important to obey the rules," "Better safe than sorry."

As we grow older we put our own unique spin on our affirmations: "The universe is against me;" "I work long hours for little pay; it's my parents' fault that I'm like this;" "metaphysics works for everyone but me."

You may create the most dazzling affirmations with which to program our crystals, i.e., "By January, 1998 I meet a wonderful person; we move in together and have a perfect relationship," but the person who is unconsciously affirming, "My relationships have never worked out. Why bother to try again? Who needs the heartbreak?" had best renew the lease on his/her small studio apartment.

Discovering Limiting Beliefs

In order to create powerful affirmations it's very helpful to discover and dissolve your limiting ones. In a sense, this is a process of unprogramming yourself.

One effective way to discover those beliefs is to create an affirmation, for example, "Abundance comes to me easily." Your helpful mind will quickly come up with a list of reasons why this isn't going to happen.

Another way is to take the situation you want to change, and list the benefits of the negative situation. The benefits of not being prosperous might be:

Be careful not to censor yourself in this process; i.e., don't tell yourself, "If I had a lot of money and someone needed help I'd be a terrible person not to give it to them." Self-condemnation will not encourage your beliefs to surface; honesty will.

Identify the emotions connected with your beliefs. Do you feel ungenerous? Are you afraid of acquiring money, only to lose it? Is this fear part of your life? Does guilt have a lot to do with how you relate to other people?

I strongly recommend the use of flower essences for deeply-held feelings. In our Flower Essence section you'll find an index for articles about appropriate flower essences to deal with a wide variety of emotional blockages.

The Three Aspects of Affirmations

When we consciously create affirmations we choose words which exactly express the reality we desire to create. No, "Someday my prince will come;" express your desire in the present.

The visual image you create to accompany the words is also important. If, for example, you want to create a vacation in Hawaii visualize palm trees, beaches, blue skies, warmth, etc. (It can be very inspiring to look at the pictures in a travel brochure.) Some people like to make a "wishboard" with an arrangement of photographs which represent what they're creating.

A third aspect is to create the way you'll feel when your special dream comes true. For a Hawaiian vacation you may feel relaxed or excited and stimulated to be in a new place. If you're with someone you love you may feel increased closeness or a heightened sense of romance.

If you have difficulty in visualizing or feeling the reality of your affirmations go back to the section on discovering negative beliefs.

Programming Your Crystal

Now, combining the energy of your thoughts, images, and feelings, you put that magnetic charge into your crystal.

Although quartz crystals are most commonly used, I've used many others: citrine for abundance, rose quartz for a situation which calls for love, aquamarine or turquoise for creativity, aventurine for physical health.

To choose an appropriate crystal for your particular goal see our list of crystals by category or Gems and Their Gifts to Us If you haven't already taken the Crystal Questionnaire this is another good method for choosing crystals for programming.

Below is one method of programming.

  1. Hold the crystal in both hands and gaze into it.
  2. Start breathing with slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling forcefully through your mouth.
  3. Concentrate on what you want to program into the crystal.
  4. As you inhale see a visual image of what you want; imagine how it feels to have it; and repeat an affirmation to yourself.
  5. With each exhale send your desire into the crystal.

Once you can visualize what you want without the intrusion of doubt or disbelief your intention is now programmed into the crystal. This vibration is stored there until you replace it with a new intention.

Written Affirmations

I've found it very helpful to write my intention on a piece of paper and, after using the above method, placing my crystal on the written note and leaving it there. My partner and I did a variant of this when we were searching for the perfect spot for our realtime store, Crystal Gardens. We placed a programmed quartz cluster on a map of Greenwich Village along with a note stating the size of the store and the rent we wanted.

It worked, and it was the beginning of a new life for me. May the fulfillment of your own dreams bring you equal joy.

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