Red Desert, Brilliant Quartz
Australian Aboriginal Use of Crystals and Stones

By Laine Cunningham, Spiritual Messenger

(Editor's Note: Laine contributed an article on the Dreamtime to the May issue of Rainbow Reflections. Her biography and web site information follows the article.)

Crystals and stones have been important to Australian Aboriginal tribes since the Dreamtime. Quartz is by far the most common one used. Tektites were important enough to have been traded across nearly the entire continent. Aboriginal use of Earth's natural gifts continues today, and can guide our own use of crystals and stones.

As It Was, So Let It Be

The Aboriginal people have a saying: As it was done in the Dreamtime, let it also be done today. This mirrors the modern saying As above, so below. Just as we continuously strive to follow our divine purpose, so Aboriginal people try to live in the flow of the Dreaming.

Quartz is by far the most common and powerful crystal in the Aboriginal system. It is so powerful, in fact, that the head sky spirit is always depicted with them. The All Father spirit of one tribe has a crystal on each shoulder. The crystals extend up into the heavens and keep his spirit connected to his divine source. Quartz crystals therefore connect all people with their highest level of personal power.

The Dreamtime

To fully understand how Aboriginal people use crystals, we must understand the Dreamtime. The Dreaming is both a series of past events and the continuous flow of time. It encompasses then and now as well as what will come. The energy of the Dreaming is the creationary force that brought all creatures and things into being.

Long ago, the ancestor spirits rose up from underground and came down from the sky. As they walked the Earth, they called out the names of animals and things. As each word was spoken for the first time, that tree or bird or mineral materialized. When the spirits were done, they returned underground or flew back to the sky.

The places where the ancestors entered and exited the world still hold tremendous power. The Pitjantjatjara tribe of the central desert call this power djang. Aboriginal people access djang through ceremonies, songs, crystals and stones.

Quartz Magic

In the middle of Australia stands Uluru (Ayers Rock). This giant land form is one of the primary energy points on Earth's magnetic grid. It is said that beneath Uluru is a vast cavern that holds a large quartz crystal. This crystal works with Earth's grid energy and the energy of creation. Since all quartz crystals resonate at the same vibrational strength, any quartz crystal can be used to access this energy.

The ritual that made clever men, or shamans, was one way this power was used. During the ceremony, shamans brought a clear liquid up into their mouths. This liquefied quartz contained all the maban, or magical power, of crystals. The energy helped people step into their spiritual power and was an important way to access the djang.

Quartz was used for many other purposes. Anyone who wished to be cleansed could smudge themselves with quartz, a special chant, and the smoke of fragrant herbs and woods like pituri (native tobacco) and bush cherry bark. This ritual used the maban energy of crystals, the vibration of words, and the earth energy stored in plants to call up djang.

The Spirit of Quartz

Quartz crystals were also used to connect people to the ancestor spirits. Quartz beads mixed with water were sprinkled on shamans to help them commune with the creators. This mixture also enhanced telepathy and a healer's abilities.

Because totem animals and crystals both arise from the earth, the two have a special connection. When an individual dies, their totem can become shadowy. The malignant aspects can become a djir or a ghost. Dancers hang crystals on bark cutouts of the totem and allow the djir to enter their bodies. Shamans then expel the djir from the dancers and send the ghost on its way.

Sky Charms

Tektites are also widely used by Aboriginal people. The tribes knew these glassy stones fell from the sky and used them to connect with the sky spirits. Since tektites look so much like the staring eyes of an emu searching for food, they were used to enhance hunting skills. Individuals who are “hunting” for a better job, a new start in life or prosperity will do well to carry a tektite.

The stone's connection to the emu's eyes enhances spiritual vision. Men often tied the stones into their beards to enhance telepathy. Stringing one on a choker can create the same effect today.

Sky charms were also used to control the weather. During the wet season, hurricanes could charge hundreds of kilometers inland. Flooding and high winds were common, so calming the weather was an important skill. Individuals who find themselves in the storms of life can use tektites to calm the chaos.

Finally, tektites were used in healing ceremonies. Near the end of each session, shamans showed the stones to patients. The tektite represented the ailment that had been removed. When the stone was cast away, patients knew the sickness would not return.

Creating Maban

In Aboriginal belief systems, shamans were self-selected. They were individuals who recognized that they had a special connection to djang. They used that gift to achieve spiritual power and to help others. The same energy is accessible to anyone today.

Use quartz with fragrant smoke or flower essences. Feel the connection of quartz and tektites to the Dreamtime spirits in the earth and sky. Add gaspeite and opal to receive visions. Also use gaspeite to achieve success. Carry granite for protection and to increase wealth.

The Dreaming energy still resonates in the Earth and sky, and is accessible to everyone. As it was done in the Dreamtime, so let it be done today.

Author bio: For the past ten years, Laine Cunningham has guided people to their true heart paths. Before becoming a Spiritual Messenger, she spent six months camping alone in the Australian outback connecting to earth and sky. Now she uses spiritual beliefs from around the world and throughout time to address modern challenges. Her most recent book, Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia, is selling in nine countries worldwide and is available at Enter Living with Crystals in the comments section of your order form to receive a free CD! Quantities are limited so order today.

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