Fire Up Your Life: The Red Crystals

Are you bored? Looking for more passion in your life? Do you feel stuck in terms of creativity?

Red is the color of passion and of creative energy. It relates to sexuality, the flow of blood through our bodies, freedom of motion, and feeling.

Although some chakra systems relate red stones to the first chakra, I have always found that the system used and explained by Katrina Raphaell in Crystal Enlightenment to be more effective, because all of the attributes listed above also relate to the second chakra (which corresponds to the pelvic area).

Each of the red stones, however, has its individual attributes.

Ruby: Fire and Passion

If you need more passion and excitement in your life, Ruby, the most powerful of the red stones, is an excellent choice. It can enrich your ability to feel and experience, and can awaken the energy to motivate one to create. It is particularly valuable for the arts which involve fluidity. This could include dance and painting, and especially watercolor, the most fluid of the visual arts. Actors and actresses have also found ruby to be very helpful.

Ruby's usefulness, however, isn't limited to those art forms. It can awaken a general enthusiasm for being alive which can result in the ability to live one's life fully. It has the additional benefit of helping people to be realistic and honest about their goals. Thus, if you are experiencing inertia, feel unimaginative, or feel that your imagination is creating dreams which are unrealizable, a ruby may help you to move forward in a positive way.

Ruby amplifies emotions, and this is helpful for people who choose to bring buried anger to the surface. You can do this by meditating with Ruby in one hand and clear quartz in another. The clear quartz will enhance releasing and dissolving the anger.

Because of this characteristic ruby is not for people who have a predominance of fire in their astrological or emotional makeup. If you are an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, and especially if you have many planets in fire signs, Ruby may be too much of a good thing. This is especially true if you tend to be quick-tempered, easily irritated, or nervous.

However, there is a form of ruby which can be used by even the most fiery person: Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite: Grounding Passion

Ruby in zoisite is the union of opposites. Zoisite's green cools and stabilizes the fiery passion of ruby. Thus, it is excellent for healing the heart after an ended love affair and also for helping to dissolve obsessive feelings about someone.

It is equally useful for grounding creative energies. For those whose ideas are always in their heads, never quite reaching the earth plane, it can provide a stabilizing medium.

Garnet: The Gentle Ruby

Garnet is another alternative to ruby. It relates as clearly to flow and creativity as ruby does, but its energy is much more gentle. As an example, it will more likely stimulate friendship than passion. However, those who wear or work with garnet may find themselves very attractive to others, as it is believed to have the ability to foster will, confidence, persistence and success.

It is unique in that it can be placed on any chakra location for the purpose of arousing creative expression. If someone wanted to stimulate their intuition they might choose to place garnet on the third eye (brow). To awaken or enhance self-esteem it could be placed on the third (navel) chakra.

Since I've already brought up the subject of astrological signs, I note here that Garnet is a traditional birth stone for Capricorns. Since it's sometimes called the happy stone it helps to relieve the sometimes-serious nature of Capricorns (especially in their youth). Another connection is that Capricorns, though often leaders in professional and governmental arenas, can be shy about initiating relationships. Garnet can encourage them.

Red Jasper: Mother Earth

Jasper has one of the quietest and deepest forms of energy. Some Native American cultures regard it as the symbolic blood of the earth, and in general it is an excellent stone for connecting with the stabilizing earth energies. (In this sense, it is similar to Turtle medicine.)

Whereas Ruby may have instant results, Jasper--and this is another connection to Turtle--works very slowly, but steadily. Because of this it is a very good stone for those who would like to initiate change, but who are thrown off-balance by the dramatic energies of other stones. It makes change easier with its ability to be emotionally calming.

I am including here a crystal layout with red jasper which is on the Beyond the Rainbow web site. It uses clear quartz at the crown chakra (top of head), amethyst on the forehead, aquamarine on the throat (these two are also calming stones), rose quartz (an activator) on the heart, citrine (a releaser) on the navel/solar plexus area, red jasper for the pelvic area, and smoky or rutilated quartz for the base chakra.

Such a layout can help to bring out the true power of jasper: to help us to feel a continuity of spirit and body.

Carnelian: Be Here Now

I experience carnelian as one of the most cheerful of the red stones. It is in color usually an orange-red, and is actually a form of quartz.

When I had a store in New York City, and customers were having difficulty in making choices I often handed them carnelian. No matter how many times I saw it happen, I was always astonished at how quickly they made decisions--and most of the time they ended up buying the carnelian, too.

This crystal seems to have the ability to help us ground ourselves in the present, to make decisions based not on our past ("I've always done this;" "I don't like big changes") but on exactly where we are in the present moment.

Several people of my acquaintance who worked in the creative arts reported that carnelian helped to restore their creative flow. One in particular, a visual artist, had also been suffering from arthritis, which had made it physically for her to paint. Carnelian helped with both conditions.

Other people have told me that carnelian helped to improve their memory. I think that this is also due to its "Be here now" qualities. Sometimes we try so hard to remember something that memory retreats. When we shift our focus to the present the elusive memory pops right up.

Again, we have a astrological connection, this time with the sign of Libra. Libra's symbol is the scales of justice, and Librans can always see both sides of a situation. This can make decision-making difficult. Librans can especially benefit from Carnelian.

Fiery Flowers

Although this article is primarily about crystals I will also like to mention some flower essences which can get you into motion.

Cayenne (FES) is often called the jump-start essence. It is a powerful antidote to procrastination.

Scarlet Monkeyflower (FES) is excellent for those who find it difficult to express anger.

Iris (FES) is very good for accessing the spiritual source of creativity and is excellent for those who feel dried up or stuck.

A companion to Ruby in Zoisite is Bleeding Heart (FES), which helps to release one from relationships which exist only in memory.

I mentioned Turtle in connection with Red Jasper. You may wish to work with the energy of animals which signify flow and creativity for you. For me this could include Dolphin, Seal, and Otter (you may notice that there's a connection to water here). Squirrel leaps gracefully from branch to branch; while Eagle soars on the thermals.

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