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In the July 2001 issue of this newsletter, I told a story about a young friend of mine whose teacher had taught him and his classmates how to categorize the world into living and nonliving elements.

Her statement that stones were nonliving reminded me of how most children learn that rocks, stones, and crystals are inanimate, beliefs that can keep us from feeling the energy of crystals. Restoring our ability to experience this energy not only deepens our ability to benefit from crystals, but can open our senses on many levels.

After writing that article, I continued to think about what children are encouraged to lose their sense of magic and delight in life. Small children don't take life seriously, a condition adults will tolerate until they decide these children need to grow up. They may tell the young ones life is full of responsibilities and that it's time to be serious.

As children, we soon recognize that being serious is a mark of being an adult. If we admire our parents and other significant adults in our lives, we want to be like them and we want their approval so much that we sacrifice our playful, innermost beings.

Restoring the Connection

To list and describe the many ways to reunite with the playful child could be the subject of a book (and has been of more than one). I will focus instead on the way I know best: living with crystals.

Just to have crystals around can lighten the general atmosphere of your home or workplace, as well as your personal atmosphere. Take time just to be with them. This means not thinking about the meaning of each stone or how it's been a long time since you've cleared yours, or how you really need to meditate with them. It means holding them, appreciating them, enjoying their company.

Certain crystals are particularly effective in restoring playfulness.


Amber is actually fossilized tree resin. Its origins suggest some of its spiritual properties. A tree bridges earth and sky, connecting the energies of heaven and earth, of the physical and spiritual domains. Sap is the lifeblood of a tree, which carries and transmits its energy.

Thus, amber helps to ground spiritual energies into the physical body and fill it with light. It can also work in the opposite way. If you're not feeling enough earth energy, i.e., too much in your head or too serious, amber can help you feel more connected to the physical plane in a joyous, lighthearted way.

Amber can also be helpful in dissolving energy blockages. Although for purposes of chakra balancing, it is placed on the navel area, it can be placed at any point where you feel that you need to be revitalized.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are actually quartz double-terminated points of exceptional brilliance. As for the Herkimer part, they are mined only in Herkimer, NY (although in recent years miners in Oaxaca, Mexico and other parts of the world have found quartz similar in shape to Herkimers. I have used the Oaxaca diamonds with good results).

Because of their ability to help release energy blockages, which often express themselves in the form of stress and tension, I consider them helpful in alleviating seriousness. A related quality is their ability to raise human energy levels. Thus, I recommend them for more cheer in your life.


This stone helps to dissolve impatience, which can often be a component of seriousness. If, for example, you're impatiently holding on the phone line for someone, you may be saying to yourself, "My time is important, this is serious."

The beauty of this deep pink stone with black streaks has spiritual meaning for me. The pink represents the heart and the experience of love, while the black grounds love. This stone helps to dissolve impatience. If you've ever been impatient you will have noticed that feelings of love aren't high in your emotional repertoire. Rhodonite restores the balance.

This is one of the best stones to keep around at all times. I recommend carrying one wherever you go; you never know when you'll be standing in a line or waiting for a show to begin or the dinner which is taking so long to arrive that the cook must be gathering the ingredients in some distant field.

Keep it by your telephone, too. It takes up very little space, and may prevent wear and tear on your nervous system.

Playful Essences

All the wild animals I've observed have well-developed playful spirits, but certain creatures embody the principles of playfulness. These include Otter, Dolphin, Squirrel. In choosing among these three, you will probably do best to choose the essence related to the animal that most attracts you or one you already know to be one of your power animals.

Rock Water is actually the only Bach Flower Remedy not made from a flower. The source of this essence is a holy well, and it helps those who, while they don't force their rigid beliefs on anyone else, are extremely strict with themselves, often to the point of extreme self-denial. The Rock Water remedy helps those who need it to loosen up and enjoy life more.

Vervain, another Bach Flower Remedy, helps those who do act on the urge to convert others. People who need it are fervent in their devotion to their particular causes and persistent in trying to enlist others. Their seriousness about their beliefs is seamless. The Vervain Remedy can help them to express their admirable commitment without getting overly serious about it.

Essential Oils

I don't always include these, but all of the citrus oils: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, and Orange. Bergamot helps to raise the energies of a heavy heart, Lemon and Lime are energizing and revitalizing, and Orange creates an atmosphere of cheer.

A Meditation for the Playful Child

This meditation is designed to help you reconnect with the playful child within. That child has never disappeared; it remains inside you, waiting for the opportunity to be set free. You may find it helpful to prepare for this meditation by looking at photos of yourself as a very young child. If you have an oil diffuser, you might want to diffuse one of the above oils in it while you meditate.

I recommend the following crystals for this meditation (if I recommend more than one for a chakra, you may either choose or use both of them):

First Chakra (feet, hips, base of spine) Smoky quartz, the "lightest" of the dark stones. This crystal can help to relieve depression and also helps us to manifest our dreams.

Second Chakra (pelvic area) Carnelian and/or Ruby. Carnelian helps to ground us in the present; while ruby is a stone for generating passion.

Third Chakra (navel) Amber. This fossilized resin helps to draw out negativity and create a feeling of lightness.

Fourth Chakra (heart) Rhodonite. This crystal, as described above, is for patience.

Fifth Chakra (throat) Turquoise. This is for enrolling others in one's dreams. Specifically, you can use this crystal for forming a creative partnership with your playful child.

Sixth Chakra (third eye [between and slightly above your physical eyes]) Amethyst. This crystal helps to promote a meditative state.

Seventh Chakra (crown of head): Apophyllite. This stone helps to restore our original soul qualities to our being, an energy of innocence and purity.

I also recommend holding a Herkimer diamond in your non-dominant hand.

To begin this meditation, lie down on your back and place each crystal in the appropriate location on your body. Slowly inhale and exhale. As you inhale, draw breath up from your toes, through your legs, to your abdomen. Feel your abdomen filling with air. Then fill your solar plexus with air, next your chest, then your throat. Feel your breath leave through the top of your head.

Then exhale, reversing the process.

Do this several times, paying close attention to your breathing.

Continue to inhale and exhale, now focusing on your increased feeling of relaxation and well-being. You are physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed.

Continue to inhale and exhale, now focusing on your feeling of lightness. Feel your feet and ankles becoming light, then your legs, then your belly and solar plexus, then your chest and arms, your neck and head. You feel very light.

Continue to inhale and exhale, and if at any point you feel distracting thoughts entering your awareness, return your attention to your breathing.

Now remember yourself as a very young child. Go as far back in your memory as you can. If you find it difficult to summon an actual memory, use your imagination and create a memory.

Imagine a favorite childhood place/activity. It could be on a swing, in a sandbox, at the beach, running, turning somersaults, playing with a pet, playing in your room. Whatever your memory, imagine it using as many senses as you can: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. Imagine this location and these senses until they become very real for you.

Next, have a conversation with the playful child. You may spontaneously come up with subjects you want to talk about with him/her. Here are some topics you might choose.

1. You may ask the general questions: "How can I be more like you?" or "How can I bring your playful energy into my life?"

2. You may have questions about how to bring lightness and a playful attitude into specific areas of your life. You might ask how to be more playful in your work, your relationships. You might want to ask how to bring more spirit of play into your creative life or your spiritual life.

Once you've asked the question, wait (patiently) for the answer. It may not always come verbally. You might, for example, suddenly see a butterfly, a hummingbird, or a dragonfly. If the playful child shows you an animal, you can later on either refer to a book you might have on the subject of power animal meanings or go to Here you will find a list of power animals.

You may want to meditate with an image of a power animal or take one of the Wild Earth Animal Essences.

The answer may also come later on, after you've finished meditating.

Then you may want to ask the playful child if there's anything else (s)he wants to say to you (or show you). Again, the message may come later on.

Whether you receive a direct, immediate message or not, thank your playful child for helping you.

I recommend doing this meditation more than once. The more you connect with your playful child, the more you can learn from him/her.

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