A Guide to Identifying Your Stones

1.Amazonite (blue-green)

2. Amethyst (purple)

3. Aquamarine (light blue-green)

4. Bloodstone (dark green with red)

5. Blue Lace Agate (light blue with white streaks)

6. Carnelian (red-orange)

7. Chrysacolla (blue-green pattern)

8. Citrine (golden)

9. Clear Quartz (clear)

10. Emerald (medium green)

11. Garnet (dark red)

12. Hematite (silver-gray)

13. Jasper (red)

14. Labradorite/spectrolite

(iridescent blue-green-silver)

15. Lapis (dark blue with gold)

16. Malachite (green with striped patterns)

17. Moonstone (ranges from cream to peach)

18. Moss Agate (green pattern)

19. Obsidian (black)

20. Peridot (chartreuse)

21. Rhodochrosite (coral, striped pattern)

22. Rhodonite (deep pink with black pattern)

23. Rose Quartz (pink)

24. Ruby (red-purple)

25. Sodalite (dark blue, black and white pattern)

26. Sugilite (magenta)

27. Smoky Quartz (transparent light brown)

28. Tiger's Eye (brown with gold flash)

29.Turquoise (turquoise)

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