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Tiger's Eye:
Looking Before You Leap

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One of my favorite poems is "The Cat and the Moon" by William Butler Yeats. The cat, Minnaloushe, a warm-blooded creature, feels alienated from the cold light of the moon until he discovers a powerful connection:

Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils
Will pass from change to change,
And that from round to crescent,
From crescent to round they range?

(You can find the full poem here.)

The poem reminds us that change is the nature of the universe. No stone illustrates this better than tiger's eye, whose beauty lies in its ability to shift its pattern with changing bands of light.

Redefining Patience

I've never seen a live performance of a big cat stalking its prey, but the small cats who let me live in their home have given many demonstrations. They know when to wait and when to leap.

Some (humans) call this quality patience, but I'm becoming more suspicious lately of this word's general meaning. I find that whenever I think of patience or counsel myself to be more patient, I become more impatient.

I believe that this is connected to how the word is traditionally used, referring to waiting for other people ("I'll be right there") or submitting to social rules ("You have to wait until you're sixteen before you can drive").

Often we are the creator of these delays in subtle ways. If I'm angry with the doctor for keeping me waiting impatiently, she may sense this on a vibrational level. Would you be in a hurry to see an irritated patient?

Patience and Intuition

To me, the kind of patience tiger's eye encourages operates on the level of intuition. In this case, patience is waiting for the best time to act. The chronically impatient don't like this concept. Their idea is that the best time to act is the soonest. Yesterday would be ideal, but since they didn't manage that, they will often exhaust themselves trying to make up for lost time.

As a surfer or swimmer studies the waves in order to catch the best one (and keep oneself from being knocked down), so the patient person learns to sense vibrations and patterns of change and act when intuition urges. It may come as an impulse to look something up on the Internet (searching is a great way to develop and learn to trust intuition), to call an old friend, or to take a certain flower essence.

Developing Intuition with Tiger's Eye

You're getting such messages all the time. The key is to hear them. With intuition and a calm attitude, one can sense subtle energy shifts and develop a knowing that change is coming. This is where tiger's eye can be so helpful.

We can understand this more fully by looking at tiger's eye's general properties, beginning with its colors.

The color gold represents the ability to manifest; while brown corresponds to the energies of the earth. Thus, in broad terms, tiger's eye can help us to translate our ideas into physical reality.

It does so by assisting us in activating the following qualities:

Self-confidence. To lose faith in intuition is to lose faith in one's deepest and truest self. That faith must be restored before we can begin to listen to messages from the inner self. Tiger's eye can help to restore faith on the deepest level.

Grounding: When we're connected to both the physical earth and our own energy source, we can filter out distracting messages, both verbal and psychic. Then we can better hear the messages of intuition.

A Sense of Personal Power. This is the "I can do it" message. When we believe that we can achieve what we want, we are likely to hear messages that support this belief.

Working with Tiger's Eye

If you are contemplating a major action/change, I recommend meditating with tiger's eye on a daily basis. If you can't do that, do it as much as possible. You can, as an alternative, wear tiger's eye daily. (This works especially well with a ring.)

If you choose the meditation route, you can use tiger's eye in the following ways:

You can place it on the following body locations:

At the feet. In this way, it acts as a grounding stone.

On the navel or solar plexus. Tiger's eye has a rich golden energy that promotes self-confidence and an appreciation of one's innate power. Placed here, it helps you to develop faith in your intuitive abilities. It can also help you to have more confidence in your ability to realize your dreams by assisting you in recognizing the inner resources you can use for accomplishment.

On the top of the head (or behind the head, if you are lying down). Although the colors white and clear are most often associated with the crown chakra, gold is another color, signifying spiritual wisdom. Placed here, it helps to provide an opening for universal wisdom to become part of your personal wisdom.

You can also hold tiger's eye. You may want to look at it and move it about in your hand. Focus on how it changes, and feel the movement of change inside yourself.

If you choose to wear tiger's eye, you may want to look at or touch the piece of jewelry you're wearing on a regular basis. When you do so, remind yourself that the change is coming and that you will be aware of it.

Whether you are meditating with tiger's eye or wearing it, this is a wonderful stone to gaze at. Hold and move it, watching the shifting patterns of light. In so doing you may come to appreciate the message of tiger's eye: that the physical plane has been designed as a playground where our spirits can materialize our dreams easily and joyfully as a cat changes the appearance of its eyes.

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